North West Loves Her "Frozen" Suitcase So Much She Won't Let It Go

North West loves her Frozen suitcase so much she won’t “Let It Go” (pun totally intended). Aunt Khloe Kardashian captured her sister’s spawn being dragged through an airport clinging to her sparkly luggage. “North really loves her frozen roller bag!! She is too funny!” she wrote on Instagram alongside the video

This isn’t the first time Nori has been spotted with her Disney-themed travel gear. Departing Charles de Gaulle airport, en route back home after Paris Fashion Week, she carried her own suitcase through security while a handler helped mom with her Louis Vuitton luggage. 


North West is an adult now. Photo: Getty Images

The nearly two year old (21 months to be exact and speak in weird baby terms), shlepped her sparkly rolly bag with Frozen characters Anna and Elsa on it all by herself, thank you very much. Wearing a black satin bomber jacket (not unlike one her father was spotted in recently), matching black velour separates, and burgundy Doc Marten boots, Nori looked all grown up and ready to take on the world. She’s an independent woman who doesn’t need the help of concierge services to be an international traveler. Maybe Nori is just so sick of Kardashian wearing too little clothing, dragging her to fashion shows, and paying more attention to Karl Lagerfeld than her kid that she won’t even accept help from the hand that feeds her anymore.

Move over mom, this Frozen-loving tot is totally capable of handling everything on her own.

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