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Nordstrom Rack secretly marked down a bunch of expertly refurbished Dyson hair tools — save up to $300

Ditch pricey trips to the salon with as much as 60% off like-new Airwrap stylers, Supersonic dryers, and Corrale straighteners.

the dyson supersonic, dyson airwrap and dyson corrale on a blue background
Refurbished Dyson products are tested to ensure they work like new, but you'll get a sweet discount. (Nordstrom Rack)

When it comes to hair, Dyson reigns supreme. Sure, its styling tools are an investment, but they're a go-to for pro-level results. Factor in the salon visits they'll save you, and they'll quickly pay for themselves. Still, the Dyson Airwrap, Dyson Supersonic and Dyson Corrale are costly — but like-new refurbished versions of these gems are up for grabs at Nordstrom Rack for up to 60% off.

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As with every official refurbished Dyson product, these hair tools have been thoroughly tested to ensure they meet like-new performance standards. They’re also pretty, just like everything Dyson creates. Not surprisingly, they're likely to sell out fast. (Nordstrom Rack isn't even advertising these deals, so we suggest you snag one now before everyone else finds out about it!)

The Dyson Airwrap

First up, the iconic Dyson Airwrap. If you know anything about hair tools, then you know how versatile the Airwrap is. The tool uses an aerodynamic phenomenon known as the Coanda effect to curl, wave, smooth, blow-dry and style every hair type without relying on extreme heat. (Reminder: Extreme heat equals extreme heat damage.) Dyson has basically reinvented the blowout by relying on high-speed airflow instead.

Dyson dropped the updated version of the Airwrap in 2022 with newer, more advanced technology. Unlike the original one, you only need one barrel for each side of your head.

$400 at Nordstrom Rack

The Dyson Supersonic

If you’ve been eyeing the Dyson Supersonic for a hot second (pun intended), then you already know how cool it is. Dyson says the device's intelligent heat control measures air temperature more than 40 times a second, regulating heat to protect hair. It comes with five styling attachments engineered for different hair types, including an attachment that eliminates flyaways in a single pass on dry, straight, or straightened hair for a smooth, shiny finish.

A showpiece in fuschia. Display it proudly in your bathroom.

$300 at Nordstrom Rack

Nothing is sleeker and simpler than neutral white and silver.

$300 at Nordstrom Rack

The Dyson Corrale

This is the only hair straightener out there with flexing copper alloy plates designed to shape around hair, gathering it neatly on each pass.

A Dyson signature is the intelligent heat control. This feature regulates the temperature of the plates 100 times a second, ensuring you never exceed your chosen temperature. The flexing plates also allow for enhanced styling that straightens with less frizz and fewer flyaways.

Again, you can't go wrong with the iconic Dyson fuchsia. And you'll easily be able to spot it in a crowded drawer.

$200 at Nordstrom Rack

Dyson appliances

If you want to live your absolute best Dyson life, there's also a fancy Dyson cordless vacuum and an even fancier Dyson air purifier heater and fan marked down as well. Thank you, Nordstrom Rack!

Legendary for their power and smarts, Dyson vacuums like this V6 Motorhead are undeniably convenient whether you live in a tiny apartment or a sprawling house.

$160 at Nordstrom Rack

This super-chic air purifier is also an electric heater and fan. No need to switch out appliances seasonally — this Dyson has you covered.  

$350 at Nordstrom Rack