How to Nominate a Loved One for the Next Season of ‘Queer Eye’

Adrianna Freedman

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The highly-anticipated fifth season of Netflix’s Queer Eye just dropped on Netflix, and with its new home base in Philadelphia, fans will get to see Tan France, Antoni Porowski, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk and Jonathan Van Ness work their TV magic once again and help transform the lives of ten deserving individuals (“heroes” as they are referred to by the Fab Five).

But if you've binge-watched the show, you might have wondered from time-to-time: How does the show even find these so-called heroes? As it turns out, for someone to be nominated to appear on the show, all it takes is a simple email.

When the show came to Philly in early 2019 to start filming, a casting flyer appeared in a Reddit thread with these specific instructions:

  • Send an email to

  • Include the nominee’s name, story and photographs.

  • Pray that the Fab Five unexpectedly show up at your door to give you the ultimate makeover.

(The last one might not be true. But good things come to those who wait, right?)

When the show moved to Kansas City for their fourth season, someone also found a flyer with the same information. If you want in on the Queer Eye action, it also helps to follow ITV Entertainment, the casting company that works with the show, on their various social media accounts to see if there’s a new call for talent.

So it looks super easy and not much effort on the show’s part, right? Well, not exactly. Gretchen Palek, the show’s casting director, broke down the process to Vanity Fair in 2018.

“We had casting people on the ground looking, scouting within the circumference of where we would be shooting,” she told the publication. “Then we also had people in the office in New York working the phones, and sort of scouting social.”

“One of the things we’re really proud of is that we’re really proactive,” she continued. “We definitely accept applications and nominations, but we also know that sometimes the best stories may not submit themselves.”

And if you're wondering whether there's a chance you or someone you know could appear in the upcoming sixth season—sorry, folks. It looks like the show already started filming in Austin, TX (which got shut down due to coronavirus pandemic). But don't throw away your shot just yet, we'd venture to guess a seventh season is already on the horizon.

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