Nobody attended his graduation, so his teacher did the unexpected

An Alabama teacher has gone viral after sharing the story of a high school student who graduated alone, reports.

On June 18, Dominique Moore, a teacher and graduation coordinator at Bessemer City High School, took to Facebook to share a story in which he had come across a student who had been lingering on the school premises following the graduation ceremony.

“I notice one my students was still there (whom just graduated),” Moore wrote. “I circled back ask what’s was up he said he didn’t have a ride. I ask did your folks come to graduation, he stated no.”

Although the unnamed student told Moore that he was okay by himself, the teacher said he knew something was off.

“He said I’m good though so l said Nawl man come I’ll drop you off,” Moore continued. “In the car you tell lil buddy was hurt I said man you hungry (I was) man we can go where every you want to. Man I couldn’t [imagine] graduating high school and my folks not being there. These bonds go beyond the class.”

Before Moore dropped the student off, he asked the teenager if he was hungry and said he would take him anywhere. The student suggested going to a popular wings spot, but Moore decided to up the ante and take the teen to the Cheesecake Factory, where the teacher admitted to fighting back tears while having lunch.

Moore told that he didn’t ask the student why his family didn’t come — he just wanted to make sure that the teen had a decent time.

“I didn’t care,” the teacher said. “At that moment, I just wanted to celebrate him. It was an amazing time.”

Moore said he later learned that the student had to go to work at Amazon that same day but didn’t have a ride. The teacher drove the student to work. He also decided to share the teen’s story in an effort to raise enough money to get him a car.

After sharing his Cash App on Facebook, Moore said he raised about $5,000 for the teen. The next day, the teacher took the student to a bank where they deposited the money into a newly created checking account.

“He is ecstatic,” Moore said. “He was about to cry and I said, ‘No, you will not cry in front of me.'”

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