No, the “Stranger Things” Spin-Off Is Not Centered Around Eleven

In 2022, Stranger Things showrunners Matt and Ross Duffer announced that after the series’ fifth and final season, the alternate universe we’ve grown to know (and fear) will live on in a spin-off. Plot details have remained under wraps and no one knows the fate of Hawkins, the Upside Down, or our beloved cast of characters.

But this week, unconfirmed reports claimed that the spin-off would center around Eleven, who Millie Bobby Brown has portrayed over the series’ five-season run. The Stranger Things story began with the Eggo-loving, telekinetic character, and since the series’ Netflix debut in July 2016, MBB has gone on to star in a number of franchises and films for the streamer.

stranger things

However, on February 2, Stranger Things writers swiftly debunked the rumors that the spin-off is a continuation of Eleven’s story. “Not true,” the writers’ room account wrote in response to a tweet from Giant Freakin Robot, according to Screen Rant.

Turns out, the only person that knows the storyline of the spin-off — apart from the Duffer Brothers, ofc — is Finn Wolfhard, aka Mike Wheeler. During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in January 2023, Finn revealed that he just happened to guess the spin-off plot.

“We were on set filming Stranger Things 4, and we were all talking about…like joking, ‘Oh, they’re all going to have us back in 20 years,’” he began. “And then I was like, ‘Oh, but if you guys are actually going to do a spin-off, it should be this.’ And I said it and the Duffers looked at each other and looked at me, and they were like ‘Could we talk to you for a second?’”

“Then they pulled me off and they were like, ‘That is the idea, who told you?,’” Finn continued. “I was like, ‘No one… I just thought that that would be a cool way to kind of expand.’”

Naturally, Finn was sworn to secrecy — and he’s keeping the details hush-hush.

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