No RSVP — Elephant Crashes Dinner Party at African Safari Park

Most people try to ignore the elephant in the room.

But when the elephant charges at your dinner table, you have no choice but to address it!

Stephen Montague was on safari in the African bush, when a young bull elephant approached his campsite at Mana Pools National Park. He and the other guests were told to keep still and ignore the elephant, who was casually meandering in the background.

In the video, Montauge is visibly anxious as he nervously taps his finger on the table. His curiosity eventually gets the best of him, and he looks over and straight into the eyes of the wild animal.

That’s when things hit the fan.

The elephant flaps its ears, takes three steps forward, cocks its head to the side, and slams into Montague with its trunk. His long tusks narrowly miss Montague, who goes flying out of the frame.

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The elephant then takes out his frustrations on Montagues friend, Shane Wolf, who is struck by the forceful trunk and thrown into the dinner table.

Dishes crash to the ground, and guests scatter as the agitated elephant loses interest and strolls off into the African sunset.

Guess he wasn’t a fan of the menu.

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