No, Bryce Hall is not going to be a dad (at least not right now)

TikToker personality and “non-boxer” Bryce Hall stirred up some chaos on Twitter after announcing that he had been hiding something from social media for the past six months that he finally wanted to address.

In a tweet from Jan. 17, Hall said he was avoiding rumors that he was going to be a father and seemingly “confirmed” he was going to have a kid sometime in 2023 but “won’t reveal the baby mama.”

Fans were immediately confused. For one thing, Hall has not been quieter than usual on social media. He’s regularly tweeted — sometimes multiple times a day — and uploaded TikTok videos for months.

The rumor itself is also just not true. In an Instagram Live with Josh Richards from Jan. 17, Hall explained that he lost a bet and that’s why he was tweeting out the message that he was about to be a father.

“I’m not actually a dad,” he says.

Redditors did some math and also concluded that the timeline Hall provided would make the baby’s birthday on April Fool’s Day.

“That’s so immature,” one person commented.

“I thought we stopped doing fake pregnancy announcements a long time ago,” another added.

Hall is no stranger to controversy and making the general public mad. Last week, TMZ obtained footage of Hall trying to punch a security guard while in Las Vegas, which resulted in his being charged with two counts of battery and one count of trespassing.

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