Nirav Modi’s Infinite Knot Collection Is Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Nirav Modi’s new Infinite Knot collection celebrates the symbolic unity of knots and spotlights examples from a range of cultures. Each of the 16 designs sets diamonds into 18-karat rose, white, and yellow gold, some of which are crafted to appear like textured thread or rope. While many knots loop around to depict the infinity emblem, still more draw upon historic cultural traditions. Knot-tying is an integral part of marriage and unity ceremonies in China, India, and western Europe.

Each piece adheres to the 8-year-old Mumbai-based jewelry house’s signature aesthetic: minimalist metal settings that allow the diamonds to shine. Founder Nirav Modi was raised in Antwerp, Belgium, and comes from a family of diamond dealers—which explains his pointed appreciation for precious stones and commitment to keeping them as the focus in every design.

Modi has said that he strives for his jewelry to be “comfortable, light, and sensuous.” Metal, Modi declares, “shouldn’t disturb the beauty of the diamonds.”

The metalwork throughout the Infinite Knot collection is fluid and evokes movement—as if the knots themselves might, ever so elegantly, come undone. For example, the Ribbon Draperie earrings group together strands of rose gold alongside brilliant and pear-shaped diamonds into a knot, the ends of which sway with the wearer’s movements. A few pieces in the collection are more traditionally romantic, such as the Infinite Knot rose-gold pendant. The criss-crossing ends of its figure-eight-shaped knot—which depicts the infinity symbol—are looped within a heart-shaped frame and accented with two pear-shaped diamonds.

One of the most challenging designs in the collection, the Ribbon Draperie necklace is also the most breathtaking. It boasts contrasting layers of rose-gold chains with strands of white diamonds, all of which are loosely gathered at the side with a sleek knot.

The Infinite Knot collection is available in all Nirav Modi botuiques.

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