Nina Dobrev's Abs And Legs Are So Sculpted In A Bikini On Costa Rica Vacay

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  • Nina Dobrev just shared a new photo on Instagram, and her legs and abs look ultra-toned.

  • The 33-year-old actress posed in a white bikini and navy blue coverup while on vacation with boyfriend Shaun White and pals in Costa Rica.

  • To stay fit, Nina does a mix of HIIT workouts, weight training, running, and boxing.

Nina Dobrev is living it up while on vacation in Costa Rica. In her latest post on Instagram, Nina posed in a white bikini, sunglasses, and a navy blue beach coverup. She also included a few other photos of the resort, the beautiful mountain tops, and a cute selfie with her boyfriend, Shaun White.

Nina captioned the post, "pura vita. 🌺"

Her followers were loving all the new content, with one fan commenting, "ouuu she’s living the life. 😚" Another chimed, "Wow this is soo beautiful. ❤️" Even Shaun jumped in on the fun adding, "Costa Rica looks good on you.😍"

While I'm here for the vacation vibes, I can't get over how incredibly toned Nina looks. If you're wondering what she does to stay so fit, read on for all the details.

Back in 2017, The Love Hard star was an ambassador for the Reebok Les Mills Tribe and joined their team on YouTube for an intense circuit training video. She also did a killer ab and butt workout with Zac Efron for his "Gym Time w/ Zac Efron" series in 2019.

Nina previously told Women's Health that she does what she calls a "workout cocktail" as a way to keep her fitness routine fun and fresh. She alternates between yoga, running, weight training, boxing, and group classes depending on how much time she has.

She explained, “I’m getting older and more conscious of what I eat and how I eat it and what I do...Doing something different [each day] has been the most fun, and I’ve seen the most benefit because you shock your system.”

As for her diet, Nina works on portion control with the help of her Les Mils trainer.

"I used to eat three full meals, and then I would not be able to move after each meal. I would be so full and tired," she told Shape. "Now, I eat all the time, but portion control is what's important for me. I'm eating more in total, but not more at a time. Lissa coached me through it, but basically, I aim to have the size of my thumb in fat, the size of my palm in protein, and then unlimited veggies. I wish I'd learned this in school."

Nina also told Harpers Bazaar that one of her go-to meals is a grilled corn salad with zucchini, asparagus, scallions, tomatoes, and avocado—which she gets from a local restaurant.

Now, that sounds amazing!

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