Need some nightmare fuel? Watch this high school's Pennywise-themed dance routine

19-year-old Aspenn Kite is currently going viral on TikTok after sharing an old performance by her high school dance team —.which featured dozens of girls dressed as terrifying killer clowns.The routine, which took place a few years ago, according to BuzzFeed, was apparently inspired by the 2017 horror film “It”.Kite took a trip down memory lane last week, sharing a TikTok of her dance team practicing.preparing and ultimately performing as the villainous circus performer.The result is exactly as frightening as you’d think.The video has racked up 7.4 million views in just one week, with several commenters calling the routine “terrifying”...and questioning why the school would decide on such an unusual theme.Other commenters excitedly called for Kite to share more videos, a request the teen happily fulfilled.She’s now uploaded nearly a dozen clips from the performance on her TikTok account

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