Nigel Sylvester Talks Turning His ‘Go’ Brand Into a Rizzoli Book

Nigel Sylvester is giving fans a closer look at his BMX career through a new Rizzoli book.

Sylvester partnered with Rizzoli last month to put together his new book, “Nigel Sylvester: Go” a photography book that follows the BMX athlete since he launched his “Go” digital series in 2015 where he rides around the world.

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“We started the ‘Go’ series with the idea of me riding my bicycle around the globe — putting two tires in each continent and really exploring different cultures and cities and what’s happening in my community,” Sylvester said prior to the book’s launch event with Bisquit & Dubouché Cognac. “When we started off with the series, we didn’t really have it in mind to do a book, but my director and creative partner Harrison Boyce was an amazing photographer. He just shot images throughout the entire process. While we were shooting in Miami, we realized we had a lot of content that we didn’t put out that we wanted to, and we wanted to find a cool way to share that and share those stories with viewers.”

“Nigel Sylvester: Go”
“Nigel Sylvester: Go”

Sylvester explained the book took roughly a year and a half to put together. The athlete said there were hundreds of photos to choose from for the book from each location where “Go” was filmed. His strategy of laying out the book was choosing photos from major moments in his BMX career that he thought would resonate the most with his fans.

One moment he wanted to expand on in the Rizzoli book was his experience jumping out of a plane on his bicycle in the Dubai, U.A.E., desert. He explained that fans only saw that experience from his point of view in the “Go” video series, so he wanted to include photos from different angles in the book so he could share more insight into the moment.

“Looking at the last six to seven years of my life, particularly everything we’ve done for the ‘Go’ series, seeing the progression and seeing some of the friendships that we’ve made throughout that process and certain people who are still in my life, looking back on where I was creatively then and where I’m at now, it was super cool,” he said. “You know, life moves so fast and I’m always doing 10,000 things, but having a moment to just sit down and reflect and be thankful, it was pretty cool.”

“Nigel Sylvester: Go” retails for $45 and is available for purchase at Rizzoli and other retailers.

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