Nick and Tracy Try To Unplug From Their Hectic Lives and Enjoy Their Honeymoon in Greece in 'The Wedding Veil Journey'

In the last movie in this 'Wedding Veil' sequel trilogy, Tracy and Nick head to Greece to finally enjoy their honeymoon.

The final movie in the sequel trilogy to The Wedding Veil finds Tracy (Alison Sweeney) and Nick (Victor Webster) finally on their honeymoon (three years later) in Greece. In what is probably the sweetest movie of this trilogy, the couple find themselves defining and re-defining their relationship while Tracy befriends a local artist.

Here's everything we know about The Wedding Veil Journey. Don't forget to check out the exclusive sneak peek below!

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What is The Wedding Veil Journey about?

The Wedding Veil Journey takes place about three years after The Wedding Veil Inspiration. Emma (Autumn Reeser) and Paolo (Paolo Bernardini) now live in Italy and have a baby girl while Avery (Lacey Chabert) and Peter (Kevin McGarry) still live in Boston, with a precocious son. Meanwhile, Tracy and Nick are living their busy lives in New York, but rarely get to spend any time together due to hectic demands of their jobs. They are more like ships passing in the night who communicate with text messages and Post-It notes.

The couple finally decide to take the honeymoon they have postponed and end up on the Greek island of Rhodes. They have the veil with them in hopes of delivering it to Nick's sister in Italy. While on the island they befriend a young artist name Leo (Ché Grant) as another couple falls under the spell of the veil

Meet the cast of The Wedding Veil Journey

From left, Victor Webster, Ché Grant, Alison Sweeney
From left, Victor Webster, Ché Grant, Alison Sweeney

Alison Sweeney (Tracy)

Sweeney's Tracy is a skeptic when it comes to the legend of the veil and the magical powers it possesses. The Days of our Lives actress has starred in over two dozen films for Hallmark Media including the Chronicles Mysteries and Murder, She Baked series.

Victor Webster (Nick)

Webster has been actor over two decades and has had starring roles in films like The Scorpion King 3 and 4 and on the TV series Continuum.

Fun fact: Webster had a year-long stint on Days of our Lives, where Sweeney was part of the series cast.

Ché Grant (Leo)

Grant plays Leo, a local boy whose artwork impresses Tracy. The child actor has appeared in Tim Burton's Dumbo but mostly has appeared in theater plays and musicals.

From L to R: Nicholas Banks, Katerina Geronikolou
From L to R: Nicholas Banks, Katerina Geronikolou

Katerina Geronikolou (Tessa)

Geronikolou has mostly appeared in Greek and European film and television. This is his first Hallmark Channel movie.

Nicholas Banks (Colin)

Banks has appeared in films like Kingsmen: The Secret Service and British television series Pramface and Law & Order: UK.

What are the two other films in this Wedding Veil sequel trilogy?

The three films in this sequel trilogy in order are The Wedding Veil Expectations, The Wedding Veil Inspiration and The Wedding Veil Journey.

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When does The Wedding Veil Journey premiere?

The Wedding Veil Journey premieres on Saturday, Jan. 21 at 8 p.m. ET on Hallmark Channel.

When can I watch The Wedding Veil Journey again?

Sunday, Jan. 22 at 7 p.m. ET
Saturday, Jan. 28 at 6 p.m. ET
Wednesday, Feb. 1 at 8 p.m. ET
Thursday, Feb. 9 at 6 p.m. ET
Monday, Feb. 20 at 8 p.m. ET

Does have a sneak peek of The Wedding Veil Journey?

We sure do! Check out this exclusive first look at The Wedding Veil Journey.

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