Nick Cannon Is Officially Expecting His 12th Child & We’re Gonna Need a Flow Chart

We’ve never seen anyone experience baby fever like Nick Cannon.

Just last week, he and Alyssa Scott announced the imminent arrival of their second child together, and last night, Abby De La Rosa revealed she’s currently expecting her third child with Cannon, making The Masked Singer host a soon-to-be dad of 12.

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The timelines are clearly overlapping, so in an attempt to make the Nick Cannon-to-baby pipeline a little clearer, we’re breaking down the full timeline of the media personality’s romantic relationships that resulted in his 12 bundles of joy.

We’re throwing it back to 2011 when Cannon was married to Mariah Carey and his first two babies, twins Monroe and Moroccan, 11, made their way into the world on April 30. He and the music icon married in 2008 and divorced in 2016.

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On February 21, 2017, former Miss USA Brittany Bell gave birth to Cannon’s third child, Golden Saigon, 5. Three years later on December 23, 2020, the pair welcomed their first daughter, Powerful Queen, 2, making Cannon a father of four.

Then on June 14, 2021, DJ Abby De La Rosa gave birth to Cannon’s fifth and sixth kids, twin sons Zion and Zillion, 2. With the arrival of his daughter with Bell and his twins with De La Rosa just six months apart, Cannon began his streak of having babies with multiple women within months of one another — and sometimes within a single month.

On June 23, 2021, model Alyssa Scott gave birth to Cannon’s seventh child, a son named Zen. The baby sadly passed away at 5 months old after a battle with brain cancer.

A year later, Cannon welcomed his eighth child with model Bre Tiesi, a daughter named Legendary Love. She arrived on June 28, 2022, making her just over 4 months old.

Then on September 14, model LaNisha Cole gave birth to daughter Onyx Ice, Cannon’s ninth baby, who’s nearly 2 months old. Just over two weeks later, Cannon’s 10th baby arrived — a son named Rise Messiah, the third child he shares with Bell.

On November 3, Scott revealed she’s currently pregnant with her and Cannon’s second child, which will be his 12th. If you’re wondering how we went from 10 babies to 12, well, just yesterday De La Rosa confirmed that Cannon is the father of the child she’s currently pregnant with, or has possibly already given birth to.

She announced her pregnancy in June and shared that her due date was October 25, but neither she nor Cannon have made a public baby arrival announcement yet. Since De La Rosa is due to give birth before Scott, that makes her child with Cannon No. 11 and Scott’s No. 12.

Twelve babies with six women, seven of which will have arrived within two years of one another between 2021 and 2023, almost definitely confirms the Love Don’t Cost a Thing actor lives a polyamorous lifestyle — which he confirmed himself during a 2021 radio interview.

“That’s a Eurocentric concept… The idea that you’re supposed to have this one person for the rest of your life. The idea that a man should have one woman. We shouldn’t have anything. I have no ownership over this person,” Cannon said. He continued, “I don’t want ownership over anybody. I don’t have ownership over any of the mothers. We create families in the sense that we created a beautiful entity.”

Cannon went on to explain, “I’m not going around like, ‘Who am I gonna impregnate next?’ Nah. When you really look at how the family infrastructure is designed, the woman is the one that always leads and makes decisions. Everyone is like, ‘How is he convincing these women?’ But I’m not. I’m the one in the scenario who has to follow suit on what they decide.”

We’ve gotta hand it to him — social media can of course be deceiving, but the dad of 12 appears to make an honest effort to be genuinely involved in all of his children’s and partner’s lives, as he frequently shares moments with his kids and participates in a maternity shoot for nearly every baby he’s helped create.

Polyamory is definitely not for everyone, but if you’re going to live the lifestyle, Nick Cannon is a pretty impressive example of how to do it well.

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