Prince Williams First Words to Kate Middleton Didn’t Go As Planned & Well, Relatable

Jenzia Burgos

It’s hard to talk to your crush when you’re a regular, everyday person. Imagine how awkward things get when you’re, uh, literal royalty! Needless to say, Prince William’s first words to Kate Middleton did not go over so smoothly. The Duke of Cambridge was unbelievably nervous to meet her—so nervous, he tripped both over his words and his own feet. Good thing Kate had a sense of humor!

A new British documentaryWilliam & Kate: Too Good To Be True, recalls the whole situation in vivid—and yes, awkward—detail. With commentary by royal memoirist Tom Quinn, we learn that Prince William, 37, and Kate, 38, met for the first time at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland in 2001. The pair lived in...

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