Your next camping adventure could be on your cars roof

Roofnest added a new car rooftop tent to their lineup the Sparrow Adventure and Sparrow Adventure XL. With the help of struts the tents pop up providing 40-inches of headspace inside as well as 3-inch mat with an anti condensation mat below that. Learn more at

Transcript: Ditch the dirt on your next camping adventure. Tentmaker Roofnest has a new car-compatible rooftop tent in its lineup. The Sparrow adventure allows campers to get off the ground, and easily and comfortably camp on top of their vehicle’s roof. The tent has 40-inches of headroom. It comes with a 3-inch thick mattress and an anti-condensation mat. The struts allow the tent to be opened quickly. When closed the tent is just 12-inches tall and can handle 100 lbs of weight. The Sparrow comes in 2 trims: Sparrow Adventure and Sparrow Adventure XL. The Sparrow Adventure is $3,295 and the Sparrow Adventure XL will cost you $3,495. To see if the Roofnest Sparrow will fit your vehicle head to

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