Denise Booth Turned Life’s Tragedies into Glitter

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Society teaches women to remain quiet and accept every challenge life throws their way with no complaints. Whatever happens, they are supposed to stand by their husband and paint a happy family picture. When things go south, they are expected to remain strong. Due to this harmful preconception of what women are supposed to do, many stay in situations that hurt them. Very few realize they are allowed to walk away from anything or anyone who is damaging them. Denise Booth is among that group of courageous women.

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Denise Booth is known as the former wife or boxing superstar Antonio Tarver, but she is much more than that. She is the epitome of bold, brave, and inspirational. A realtor who used her experience and her passion to become the author of Everything That Glitters. After going through an exceedingly difficult situation, she decided it was time to share her story and help other women like her.

A Dream Turned to Nightmare

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Throughout her life, Booth was called “a black woman with white features,” so everyone expected life to hand her everything on a silver platter. She thought so too as she married the man of her dreams. Life seemed promising and full of love. However, the reality was far from the princess-like dream she thought she was living in.

Her marriage turned into a nightmare, the kind that not many get to escape. But Denise Booth did and now she gets to tell the true story so many ex-wives of celebrities and many wives around the world do not get to speak of. Sharing a story like hers can be embarrassing and scary. Everything That Glitters is her way of showing she is not ashamed of what happened to her.

Becoming her Own Prize

During the beginning of her marriage, Booth believed her husband was her best prize. As things changed, so did her perspective. The story she shares in her book is that of a woman who realized her power was beyond any limits her marriage had determined for her. She realized she was a strong, independent, powerful woman who could overcome any challenges.

Everything That Glitters is the testimony of perseverance, strength, and confidence. It is the journey of a woman who came to understand her value did not depend on who she was married to. After every hardship, Denise Booth understood she was her own prize. That is how she came to the belief everyone has the choice to turn a bad situation into a ladder or a crutch, because after all the scariest place to live in is your own mind.

Booth is Glitter

Everything That Glitters was written with Booth’s desire to help women see their inner power to become the conquerors of their own life. For a long time, she stayed quiet and suffered in the dark. Now is her time to shed light on a story that will resonate with women all over the world. Now is the time for them and for her to own their glitter and shine with no limitations.

We live in a time in which women are daring to speak up and share their story. Denise Booth is one of those brave women who will not remain silent anymore. Her story is that of empowerment and independence. Everything That Glitters is the book everyone should read to realize their worth.