The Newest Apple TV Device Is at Its Lowest Price Ever

Photo credit: Courtesy of Retailer
Photo credit: Courtesy of Retailer

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EVEN IN 2022, an Apple TV streaming device is still a worthy investment. When compared with other streaming devices (like Roku or Fire TV Stick), Apple TV is typically the premium pick for watching Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max and more thanks to a super fast A8 chip and a streamlined viewing experience. The only qualm about Apple TV is the price point (the device is often the most expensive of the bunch).

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However that's not the case today! Apple TV devices have been going on sporadic sales as of late, with sharp discounts on the HD models specifically. Recently, the Apple TV HD 32GB went on sale on Amazon for $99, the lowest recorded price of the product. Stock has since sold out on Amazon but Walmart is now also offering this deal too, making it possible to score a $99 Apple TV HD 32GB right now and have it arrive to your doorstep within days!

Aside from using Apple TV to stream your favorite apps you also get several cool features no other streaming device has. For starters, it comes with the super sleek Siri remote with the touch-enabled click pad. (Speaking what you want to watch in the remote has never been easier!) Second, you can get epic screen savers on your TV. Apple calls them "Aerial screen savers" and you can set majestic videos of wildlife and nature on your TV while it's not in use. Last, and perhaps our favorite feature, is the ability to connect your AirPods to the Apple TV, making so you can watch your movies and shows late at night while everyone in the house is sleeping!

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The Apple TV HD is loaded with tech to give you a top tier viewing experience too. With the $99 model you get a crisp 1080 HD video, but if you upgrade to the more expensive Apple TV 4K you will get an even better video quality (just make sure you have a TV that's 4K compatible). And on top of the 1080 HD viewing is Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound, so you can hook the device into your home theater system and get immersive audio experiences.

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If you're looking to get the best portable streamer on the market now is the time to act. Stock is selling out fast (as we're seeing over on Amazon) so make sure to score an Apple TV device now before the rush heads to Walmart!


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