Netflix's Korean Zombie Drama 'Kingdom' Is Getting a PC and Mobile Game

·1 min read

Netflix's hit Korean zombie period drama Kingdom is now receiving its own video game. Destined for both PC and mobile platforms, Kingdom: The Blood is currently being developed by South Korean developer Action Square, which has previously worked on Blade II - The Return of Evil.

As you can see in the gameplay trailer above, the experience is largely reminiscent of the television series, with players immersed in a third-person perspective, running around slaying zombies and foes with choreographed swings of a longsword. As the game's name suggests, there's plenty of blood splattering everywhere as well.

Little else is known about the game for now, and no release date has been attached to the project just yet, but Action Square will be announcing more about Kingdom: The Blood in the near future. You can stay tuned over on the game's official Twitter page.

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