Netflix Releases Final 'Stranger Things 4' Trailer Before Part 1 Drops

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Netflix Releases Final 'Stranger Things 4' Trailer Before Part 1 Drops

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten any info about our fave Netflix hit Stranger Things, and I’m gonna make a big confession: I really miss Steve Harrington’s perfect hair. But there’s good news! The show is getting a fourth season, so hopefully I—well, we—will get a look at those luscious locks sometime in the near future.

Lucky for you, we have the inside scoop on what you need to know about season 4. And trust us when we say…it’s about to get spooky around here.

First things first: Will there even be a season 4?

Two words: HECK YEAH. The show is clearly a huge hit for Netflix, and its producer, Shawn Levy, and creators, Matt and Ross Duffer (aka the Duffer Brothers), all basically said they want it to go on forever. Although, realistically, it will probs be on for about five seasons…but who’s counting?

The show actually released the news of a new season back in 2019 (which, TBH, feels like eons ago), and season 4 was just about to start filming when the pandemic began. But thankfully for us dedicated fans, the cast and crew went back to work following new COVID-19 precautions in October 2020 and we’re much closer to getting new episodes than we think….

Okay, when is Stranger Things season 4 airing? What’s the release date?

So there’s some good news and some bad news. Stranger Things season 4 is officially coming on May 27. But don’t cheer just yet, because the Duffer Brothers made another huge announcement about the show. Season 4 will be split into two parts, with part 2 coming out on July 1. And then the hardest piece of news: The show is coming to an end with season 5.

However, they did mention that there are more stories that can be told in the Stranger Things world, so hopefully this means we can expect a spin-off or two in the future.

Wait, so how many episodes will each part have?

The entire season will be made up of nine episodes but will be split in a very interesting way to help tell the story. The first half, coming on May 27, will consist of seven episodes. Meanwhile, part 2 will only have two episodes that will help finish up the story.

And if you thought that was a weird choice, don't you worry. The Duffer Brothers know what they're doing, especially since some of these episodes will be super-sized.

“Seven and nine in particular are movies,” Matt Duffer told The Wrap. “And nine is a long movie.”

Ross Duffer revealed, "We’re still refining it but we will say that it is over two hours," about episode 9. "It’s a big one."

So yeah, maybe it's a good thing they're splitting these up after all.

Amazing. Did the show release any teasers yet?

You bet it did. The series’ social media accounts gave fans quite the surprise in early May 2021 when a teaser trailer unexpectedly dropped. And HOLY…it’s proving that we’re in for a mysterious ride.

As the trailer previewed, the show is seemingly taking fans back to the Hawkins National Laboratory, with none other than Dr. Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine) entering a room and talking to some kids. As the music gets more and more…intense, we hear the words we never thought we’d hear Dr. Brenner utter again: “Eleven, are you listening?”

What does this mean? Is Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) back at the lab? Is this just a nightmare she’s having in her sleep? There’s so much to dig into here.

Netflix also gave us a sweet surprise on August 6 when it revealed that the series will officially be back in 2022. While that seems like a long time to wait, Netflix totally made up for it with a special teaser trailer that shows our favorite crew all grown up as they have to face some brand-new foes in Hawkins.

During Netflix’s big Tudum event, we got a special treat in the form of a brand-new clip! Welcome to Creel House, a brand-new setting that seems to have a big link to the Upside Down. It seems like we’ll be going back in time a little bit to learn the history of the house and all the very spooky things that went down, but we finally get to see (some) of our favorite gang back together for another huge mystery. Check it out below:

Okay, but is there a trailer?!

Before we all start binging the series on May 27, Netflix has blessed us with one more trailer that gives us more of a look at all the creepiness happening in Hawkins. With a new monster called Vecna out on the loose and our favorite group of friends all separated, this might be the wildest season yet.

That's not the only trailer. After months of hints and a countdown clock that had us all wondering what could possibly be next, Netflix officially released the first trailer for season 4 back in April and it was so worth the wait. Featuring a brand-new remix of Journey’s “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart),” it looks like Eleven and the gang will have to travel somewhere else (like, you know, the Upside Down) to finally shut everything down once and for all.

We also get to see glimpses of Hopper in Russia, Max mysteriously levitating, and the new Creel House that is set to add some more horror vibes to the series. Check it out below:

Are there any new photos?

Netflix has been giving us some very special Stranger Things treats lately, and it just dropped some new photos that give us more of a clue as to what we can expect.

According to the Duffer brothers, this season will be scarier than the rest, especially since the group is pretty split up.

“When we pitched it to Netflix all those years ago, we pitched it as the kids are…The Goonies in E.T. That’s their storyline. And the adults are in Jaws and Close Encounters and then the teens are in Nightmare on Elm Street or Halloween,” Ross Duffer told Tudum. “But this year, we don’t have the kids. We can’t do The Goonies anymore. And so suddenly, we’re leaning much harder into that horror movie territory that we love. It was fun to make that change.”

They also released some more stills with the trailer’s big launch, and we really just need everyone to leave Eleven alone for once.

What is season 4 going to be about?

In an official press release, Netflix gave a bit of a clue as to what we can expect this season:

“It’s been six months since the Battle of Starcourt, which brought terror and destruction to Hawkins. Struggling with the aftermath, our group of friends are separated for the first time—and navigating the complexities of high school hasn’t made things any easier. In this most vulnerable time, a new and horrifying supernatural threat surfaces, presenting a gruesome mystery that, if solved, might finally put an end to the horrors of the Upside Down.”

Oh, also: There are new people joining the cast!

In November 2020, Deadline announced that a ton of new cast members are joining the Stranger Things universe. First, we’ve got Jamie Campbell Bower, who had a real goth boi moment as Anthony in Sweeney Todd, one of the Volturi in Twilight, Jace in the Mortal Instruments movie, and young Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts movies. According to Deadline, he’s playing an orderly at a psychiatric hospital named Peter Ballard. What is this, Ratched??

Next is Eduardo Franco from Booksmart, who will play a stoner pizza delivery dude who becomes friends with Jonathan. His name is Argyle. There’s also going to be a new character called Eddie Munson, played by Joseph Quinn from the 2017 Howard’s End miniseries, who runs the Dungeons and Dragons club called the Hellfire Club at Hawkins High. It always comes down to D&D on Stranger Things, somehow, doesn’t it?

But wait, there’s more! Freddy Krueger himself, Robert Englund, will play a man named Victor Creel, who’s serving time for murder in the aforementioned psychiatric hospital. So that’s, uh, terrifying. Tom Wlaschiha, the faceless man from Game of Thrones, will play a character who befriends Hopper in Russia—and other new cast members include Sherman Augustus (Into the Badlands), Mason Dye (Teen Wolf), and Nikola Djuricko (Legends).

There are also a few newbies from season 3 we could potentially see again in the future. Cary Elwes portrays the mayor of Hawkins and Jake Busey is a sketchy reporter. Also, Priah Ferguson—who plays Lucas’s little sister, Erica—is being added as a regular character, which is the most exciting news ever!!

Season 4 will take place outside of Hawkins.

Did you catch that casual little “We’re not in Hawkins anymore” thrown into the end of that season 4 announcement? Let the conspiracy theories commence! Personally, I’m voting for the Stranger Things crew to end up literally anywhere that does not have a big, scary forest. Or a portal to the Upside Down.

The new season will be absolutely bonkers, according to the show’s creators.

“I think the biggest thing that’s going to happen is it’s going to open up a little bit, not necessarily in terms of scale, in terms of special effects, but open up in terms of allowing plotlines into areas outside of Hawkins,” Matt Duffer said.

And Ross Duffer teased this little bit of info: “Obviously, the question of who that American is in that cell and then also what they’re doing with the Demogorgon is a tease. That’s obviously going to play a huge role in a potential season 4.”

We know the title of episode 1!

See for yourself, straight from Netflix UK’s Twitter account:

Episode 1 of season 4 is titled “Chapter One: The Hellfire Club,” which almost certainly has to do with this new Eddie Munson character.

More on what the Hellfire Club means specifically to the show below, but in the X-Men comics, an organization called the Hellfire Club kidnaps Jean Grey (a super-powerful psychic) and tries to use her as a weapon. Considering Jean Grey’s and Eleven’s powers are pretty similar, does this mean someone’s going to try to abduct our girl?!

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Yes, Hopper is alive after all.

Fans of the show were obviously buzzing about whether Hopper is alive. The thing is, David Harbour’s contract runs through four seasons, and Netflix went ahead and confirmed that Hopper is alive with this surprise teaser for S4:

In the meantime, here’s the cutest video of Gaten Matarazzo.

Need more stuff to watch? Feast your eyes on this vid of Gaten playing Cosmopolitan’s Expensive Taste Test. Yes, there are cheeseburgers and lipstick involved. Yes, it is hilarious and adorable at the same damn time.

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