Nene Leakes Revealed Her How-to-Get-Less-Drunk Trick and It’s Kind of a Miracle

Megan Uy

From Cosmopolitan

Something I’ve learned after watching celebs try their hand at Expensive Taste Test: Just because someone may come off as super glamorous and lavish doesn’t necessarily mean they have the true ~eye~ for bougie things. For instance, I would have never suspected that THE Nene Leakes would have some trouble telling the diff between cheap lashes and pricey ones.

Today’s episode of Expensive Taste Test features the Real Housewives of Atlanta star, who totally surprised us with her (lack thereof) knowledge of fancy products. First we started her off with something pretty easy: champagne—which she failed instantly. Okay. Fine. I’ve never actually played the game so I wouldn’t know. Wah, maybe this is harder than I think??

However, Nene eventually picked herself back up though after a few rounds and showed us what the f*ck was up. I know that if ever need a K-9 type of nose for high-priced chips, water, and/or olives...I’m going to her. OHHH. And we suggest paying close attention and taking notes when she’s taste-testing the olives because she let us in on an unbelievable and exclusive drinking tip that may just be ev-er-y-thing.

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