Neglected Rescue Parrot's Reaction to Taking a Shower Is So Heartwarming

Not every pet gets excited for a shower. In fact, some go running for the hills at the first hint of a bath! This bubbly rescue cockatoo is the complete opposite, though. He can't help but get excited whenever his rescuer, @drrdolittle, offers 'shower time,' and it's the sweetest thing to see.

Lefty the cockatoo was rescued from 'one of the most filthy hoarding situations' that this rescuer had ever seen. Luckily, his life in a cramped cage is over, and he gets to stretch his wings in the water whenever he likes.

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Aww--what a gorgeous bird! Lefty loves the water, and he perked up way before seeing the mister that his rescuer used. When she asked if he wanted a shower, he even nodded! It did get us thinking, though--why do birds enjoy being misted so much? Is this a common way to bathe a pet bird?

As vet tech Alyson Kalhagen explains, mist can provide several benefits to birds. It mimics the rainfall that wild birds experience and it offers a gentle way to clean the wings of debris. It can also moisturize the skin under the feathers and can even promote a healthy respiratory system. It's a great thing that Lefty enjoys his showers, then!

"He’s absolutely beautiful! And so smart. Glad he’s being pampered," wrote viewer @edielynch73. We couldn't agree more! This rescued bird seems like a fantastic companion, and we're so relieved that he's in a home where he can heal and thrive... and take lots of showers!

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