Nearly 2,000 Shoppers Love This Skin Tint That Makes Me Look Like I’m Wearing a Beauty Filter IRL

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It minimizes redness and blurs imperfections.

<p>Instagram @saie</p>

Instagram @saie

Since working at InStyle, my beauty collection has grown immensely — a major perk of the job. But despite testing new skincare and makeup on the regular, my favorite product remains one that I bought before ever starting here, and it’s a staple in my routine that I still haven’t been convinced to trade out.

As such, I’m naming Saie’s Slip Tint my ‘It’ item of the year — this dominated in 2022 and (now) 2023. Because when it comes to an everyday makeup routine, I like to keep things simple; I want something that serves double-duty, can be applied evenly with my fingers in less than 30 seconds, and doesn’t leave my dry skin looking cakey. And this skin tint does just that.



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With tints, the problem I most often run into is that they can be a bit too sheer, making me wonder why exactly I’m clogging my pores to look like I applied nothing more than moisturizer. But that’s not the case with Saie’s. This offers light-to-medium coverage, minimizing my redness and blurring my imperfections while still allowing most of my freckles to come through. I’ve heard of other foundations making users feel like they’re wearing an Instagram filter, and this tint was the first time I felt like I understood that sentiment. I put it on and still looked like me, just a little bit better.

<p>InStyle / Kaelin Dodge</p>

InStyle / Kaelin Dodge

Saie’s Slip Tint gives me an all-over glow thanks to a blend of hydrating and brightening ingredients including hyaluronic acid, pansy flower, and licorice root extract. Its nourishing properties also make it easy to blend into the skin, acting as much as a moisturizer as it is a foundation. Plus (yes, plus!), this provides SPF 35 protection — like I said, I want one product that does it all.

And while you could take my testimonial as fact, it’s also a shopper favorite with nearly 2,000 five-star ratings. Many rave about the ease with which this applies, with one writing that, “It goes on very smoothly and doesn’t show any lines…[blending] better than most every other CC/BB cream [they’ve] tried.” And older users love that it gives a “natural and dewy” look to “dull, aging skin.”

If your five-minute makeup routine needs an upgrade, there’s no better place to start than this easy-to-apply, moisturizing, and blurring skin tint from Saie

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