'NCIS' Star Cote de Pablo Revealed What Ziva's Second Exit From the Series Will Be Like

Photo credit: CBS Photo Archive

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  • Ziva returned to NCIS for a four-episode arc.

  • Actress Cote de Pablo says her character's second exit from the show will be "different" and "beautiful."

Cote de Pablo is officially back on NCIS!

Earlier this season, the actress returned to the CBS drama after more than five years to reprise her iconic role as Special Agent Ziva David. Her comeback led to an emotional reunion with Tony that left fans reeling—and wondering why this hadn't happened sooner.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight alongside fellow NCIS star Mark Harmon, Cote explained her decision to come back after so long. It turns out that she had just been waiting for "a really good reason."

"I hoped that at some point something like this could happen and it's just so the stars aligned and here I am with this guy," Cote said, giving Mark a hug. "I said, 'Give me a really good reason to come back.'"

Photo credit: CBS Photo Archive

Her co-star shared a sweet sentiment about Ziva's return that made it clear she was worth the wait.

"You forget the energy she brought and how special this character is in many ways and how, in so many ways, it completes the show," Mark said.

While the actors are thrilled to have Ziva back on NCIS, they're already looking ahead to her inevitable exit. According to Cote, she feels better about leaving the second time around.

"It’s a different walk away and I’ll leave it at that," she said. "It’s a beautiful walk away."

We're not quite sure what that means for Ziva's future—but we're already excited to find out.

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