'NCIS' Fans Have a Wild Dream That Ziva and Tony Will Lead the 'NCIS: Hawaii' Cast

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Photo credit: Richard Foreman
Photo credit: Richard Foreman

From The Pioneer Woman

NCIS fans are super excited about NCIS: Hawaii. In fact, they already have a ton of theories about the cast!

The show hasn’t been 100% confirmed yet, but the possibility of a new NCIS spinoff has people buzzing. Since NCIS has lost a lot of characters over the years (this season alone it’s been Sloane, plus Palmer’s wife and Fornell’s daughter) many viewers are hoping there might be some old favorites—like Ziva and Tony—brought back. We can dream!

NCIS also just announced that a new actress is joining the original team, which some believe could segue into her eventually leading Hawaii. But a few long-term watchers are thinking perhaps stars from the now-cancelled NCIS: New Orleans will take over.

So many thoughts about the NCIS: Hawaii cast, so let’s get into it!

Will Ziva or Tony take over “NCIS: Hawaii”?

It’s hard to say if this is a real theory that could actually happen, or one fans just really, really want.

What’s working in our favor is that Ziva (Cote de Pablo) did come back to NCIS last season and she was a major hit. Cote also doesn’t have any upcoming projects listed on her iMBD page. Perhaps because she’s working on Hawaii?!

Photo credit: Richard Foreman
Photo credit: Richard Foreman

Another point to consider is that Michael Weatherly’s show Bull has not yet been renewed for season 6, so perhaps he could be free to play Tony once again.

Fans are also wishing CBS would bring Abby (Pauley Perrette) back for Hawaii. They’ve missed her since her exit!

Or will it be someone from “NCIS: New Orleans"?

Photo credit: Sam Lothridge
Photo credit: Sam Lothridge

Shortly after the NCIS: Hawaii whispers became public, CBS announced that NCIS: New Orleans was ending after its current season. So, naturally, some folks are wondering if they’ll carry over a few cast members from NOLA to Hawaii.

One person on Twitter suggested Pride (Scott Bakula) might make the move, but anyone could certainly be up for the job.

Maybe it's “Hawaii Five-0” star Katrina Law.

Photo credit: Karen Neal
Photo credit: Karen Neal

This one feels like it has legs. It was just announced that Katrina Law will be joining NCIS as a recurring character named Jessica Knight. Deadline says she’ll be in the last two episodes of season 18, “with an option for series regular next season if the series is renewed.”

Some astute fans seem to think her new role is setting her up to eventually lead NCIS: Hawaii. After all, you’ll likely recognize Katrina from Hawaii Five-0, where she played Quinn Liu for 22 episodes. And one fan pointed out a very suspicious emoji in Katrina's post on Twitter.

Coincidence? We'll find out!

What theories do you have about the cast of NCIS: Hawaii? Share in the comments below!