NBD, but More Than 50,000 Amazon Reviewers Are Obsessed With These $19 Joggers

Jaimie Potters
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Photo credit: Courtesy
Photo credit: Courtesy

From Cosmopolitan

Of the maaany leggings carried on Amazon, a handful of styles have gone viral during our Strange New Normal. Take, for instance, the butt-lifting leggings found all over TikTok or Core 10’s surprisingly flattering all-day leggings. (Have I said the word “leggings” enough, do you think?) And yet the pair that’s consistently found itself ranking as the number one best seller in the category of women’s leggings this month is…not actually a legging. Technically speaking, the e-tailer’s best-selling “legging” is actually more of a hybrid of leggings and joggers.

Meet Leggings Depot’s Solid Activewear Track Cuff Joggers. Fitting more loosely than leggings and more snugly than traditional sweats, it comes as no surprise that legions of Amazon shoppers haven taken to these during the pandemic. The slim-fitting loungewear boasts 58,285 ratings at the time of publication with 71 percent of reviewers giving them 5 stars, earning them a place in Amazon’s Customer’s Most-Loved section.

What makes Leggings Depot’s best-selling…joggings (?) so beloved? According to the hundreds of positive reviews I sifted through, the appeal boils down to a wildly comfortable feel, versatile fabric, and flattering fit.

As one person put it: “These are probably the softest pants I’ve ever owned. They feel like velvet and are unique in that they will keep me warm in chillier months but are airy and breathable enough to wear during the sticky, humid summer months.”

My colleague Laura (hi, Laura!) ordered a pair during quarantine too. As she put it to me over Slack, “The buttery-soft fabric makes them one of the softest pairs of sweatpants I own and I love that they can be dressed up or down.” Hot tip. (Thanks, Laura!)

Feelin’ tempted to try a pair yourself? Lucky you. Almost all sizes are currently in stock and these beauties come in several colors and patterns beyond plain black. Happy lounging!

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