NBC News to Release ‘50 Years Fly: The Rise, Fall and Revolution of Hip-hop Fashion’

A new documentary is examining the link between hip-hop and fashion.

NBC News announced on Thursday the release of “50 Years Fly: The Rise, Fall and Revolution of Hip-hop Fashion,” which will stream on Peacock and NBC News Now on June 15.

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The documentary will focus on hip-hop and its impact on the fashion industry, dissecting the link through commentary from many leaders in the fashion industry and prominent figures in hip-hop. The film offers insight from fashion designers Dapper Dan, Karl Kani, April Walker, Kimora Lee Simmons, Tommy Hilfiger and Daymond John.

There will also be interviews with figures such as The Cut editor in chief Lindsay Peoples; vice president and divisional merchandise manager of apparel at DTLR, Antonio Gray, and author Vikki Tobak, among others.

The documentary coincides with the 50th anniversary of hip-hop. The genre has arguably been the most impactful musical genre on fashion, inspiring lasting trends like logo mania, oversize fits and customization, to name a few.

Hip-hop helped launch several successful brands, like Kani’s namesake label and John’s FUBU, which developed and led many of the genre’s fashion trends. Established brands, such as Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren, were some of the first brands in the late ‘80s to embrace hip-hop artists and fashion trends, which helped the genre further break into the mainstream.

“50 Years Fly: The Rise, Fall and Revolution of Hip-hop Fashion” will also be available to watch on NBC News’ website and YouTube channel.

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