Natural Light Seltzer becomes 'Nationals Light' for the World Series

The Washington Nationals are in the World Series for the first time in the team’s 50-year history (which includes 35 years as the Montreal Expos). To celebrate the exciting debut, Natural Light Seltzer underwent a little facelift. “Nationals Light Seltzer” will be available at Nationals Park through the remainder of the series.

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During Game 3 against the Houston Astros on Friday, Oct. 25, through a potential Game 5 on Sunday, Oct. 27, fans can purchase tallboys of Nationals Light Seltzer exclusively from kiosks within the ballpark in Washington, D.C. There are several thousand available, all of which have “Nationals” hand-taped over where the can reads “Natrual.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Natty Light Seltzer, it’s an alcoholic vodka soda-like beverage produced by Anheuser Busch. It launched this summer and currently comes in two flavors: cherry-lime Catalina Lime Mixer and mango-peach Aloha Beaches. We tried them back when they first came out, and they’re actually really good, but the better of the two is Catalina Lime Mixer.

If you’re unable to snag seats for the series, don’t be sad. Stop by the store for a permanent marker and some masking tape, and DIY your own Nationals Light Seltzer from a barstool at the best dive bar in your state.