National Security Adviser John Bolton Calls Donald Trump ‘Poison' For The GOP In 2024

Former national security adviser, John Bolton, 74, called former President Donald Trump’s 2024 bid “poison” to the Republic Party. Bolton also insisted that the former president’s reelection campaign is “going downhill.” In an interview with CBS News’ chief election and campaign correspondent, Bolton said that he is considering his own 2024 presidential bid because of Trump’s claims last year of “terminating” parts of the U.S. Constitution.

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Bolton Says Trump’s 2024 Campaign Is ‘Poison’ For The GOP

Bolton has served in a variety of national security roles in Republican administrations for Reagan, Bush Sr., Bush Jr., and Trump. Bolton said Trump, 76, “behaved in a very erratic fashion” as commander-in-chief and failed to grasp “the gravity and the importance of the national security decisions he had to make.” Bolton argued that Trump’s 2024 campaign, which he launched in November 2022, is going to be squashed.

“I think it’s going downhill and I think it’ll continue to go downhill,” Bolton said about Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign. “I think Republicans, especially after the Nov. 8 elections last year, see that he’s poison to the ticket. He cannot be elected president. If he were the Republican nominee, he would doom our chances to get a majority in the Senate and the House. I don’t think he’s going to be the Republican nominee.” When asked if he is seriously considering a 2024 run, Bolton said that that characterization is “exactly right.”

After Bolton left the Trump White House, he wrote a detailed book about his time working for Trump. The Justice Department sued Bolton to try to stop its publishing, alleging Bolton disclosed classified information. But, Bolton’s book, “The Room Where it Happened,” was published by Simon & Schuster, in June 2020. And, Trump’s Chief of Staff John Kelly, 72, also released a book claiming that he was shocked by the former president’s “immoral” behavior.

When asked if Trump is a threat to national security, he replied, “I think he is. I believe that the damage he did during his term was significant but repairable,” Bolton told CBS News. “I strongly opposed him getting a second term because I worried that what he would do in a second term might be irreparable.”

Donald Trump Is Now Saying He’ll ‘Handle’ Ron DeSantis If He Runs Against Him In 2024

One of Trump’s main Republican competitors for the 2024 GOP nomination is Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida. Although DeSantis, 44, hasn’t announced if he is running yet, Trump issued a warning to the governor on The Water Cooler podcast on Monday, Jan. 16th. He said that he would “handle” the Florida governor if he decided to run against him for the 2024 GOP nomination. Yikes!

The 76-year-old, twice-impeached, former president appeared on the conservative podcast to give his opinions on what he thinks of DeSantis running against him. He said, “So now I hear he might want to run against me. So we’ll handle that the way I handle things.” Trump also once again claimed that he was the one responsible for DeSantis winning the governor’s race back in 2018, saying, “I got him elected, pure and simple. And there was no reason to go wild about endorsing him.”