National Cook for Your Pets Day? November Holidays and Observances for 2022 That Aren't What You'd Expect

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Once November hits, all of the feast planning (and everything else that goes with the Thanksgiving holiday) tend to take center stage for the month. That being said, before the majority of the frenzy begins, as a nation, we remember and celebrate Veterans Day to honor the military veterans. And of course, after Thanksgiving, many like to celebrate Black Friday with a day of shopping for all of the deals. However, did you know that out of all the days in November, there are more than triple that amount of celebratory observances to think about? We've got a huge list of all of the November holidays and observances in 2022!

Some of these other holidays are honoring an occupation or group of people. For instance, All Saints Day is celebrated to honor all of the saints of the church. Other observances are for disease awareness, such as Diabetic Eye Disease Month. And many of the rest are more offbeat and random like National Mason Jar Day or National Cook For Your Pets Day.

Besides the daily observances, there are also some observances that are celebrated either for a full week or an entire month. For instance, the National Hunger And Homeless Awareness Week occurs the entire week before Thanksgiving—the perfect timing to help us gain perspective and give back.

Since there are so many special days to consider for the month of November, we've put together a whole list of November Holidays and Observances for 2022 so that you can be in the know. Maybe you'll want to celebrate a few that you hadn't known about before.

Who Comes Up With National Days and Observances?

While some holidays hold historic significance, there are so many random national days each year that you have to wonder who comes up with these and who is ultimately in charge of the list? If you love waffles and peanut butter, can you just call it out as a national day?

It is in fact almost as easy as that! A company or person can declare a day and it can take off on social media. However, if someone wants their idea to be listed in Chase's Yearly Calendar Of Events, it must be approved by Chase. They look for things that will interest almost everyone and accept just a small amount of days from the thousands of submissions.

Some of the National Days for November may excite you—like National Donut Day or National Candy Day. Those are easy to celebrate. Both others, like the National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day may pass by without a second thought. Whoever came up with that one must have needed a reminder to do it in a big way!

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List of Monthly Observances For November

According to Chases's Calendar Of Events for 2022, the following monthly observances for November have been accepted.

  • National Adoption Month

  • American Diabetes Month

  • Aviation History Month

  • Banana Pudding Lovers Month

  • Bereaved Siblings Month, Worldwide

  • Diabetic Eye Disease Month

  • National Epilepsy Awareness Month

  • Eye Donation Month

  • National Family Caregivers Month

  • National Georgia Pecan Month

  • National Inspirational Role Models Month

  • National Long-Term Care Awareness Month

  • Lung Cancer Awareness Month

  • National Marrow Awareness Month

  • Movember

  • National Memoir Writing Month

  • National Native-American Heritage Month

  • National Novel Writing Month

  • Peanut Butter Lovers’ Month

  • Picture Book Month

  • Prematurity Awareness Month

  • National Runaway Prevention Month

  • Vegan Month, Worldwide

Weekly Observances For November

  • National Fig Week (November 1-7)

  • National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week (first full week of November)

  • National Rad Tech Week (week of November 8)

  • World Kindness Week (week of November 13)

  • National Young Readers Week (second week in November)

  • International Fraud Awareness Week (second full week of November)

  • National Nurse Practioner Week (second full week of November)

  • Dear Santa Letter Week (second week of November)

  • National Donor Sabbath (two weekends before Thanksgiving)

  • National Hunger And Homeless Awareness Week (week before Thanksgiving)

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November Daily Holidays and Observances

November 1

  • Author's Day

  • Autistics Speaking Day

  • National Biologics Coordinators Day

  • National Brush Day

  • National Calzone Day

  • National Cinnamon Day

  • National Cook For Your Pets Day

  • National Deep Fried Clams Day

  • National Family Literacy Day

  • National Vinegar Day

  • All Saints' Day

  • Extra Mile Day

  • Prime Meridian Day

November 2

  • National Stress Awareness Day

  • All Souls' Day

  • National Deviled Egg Day

November 3

  • National Sandwich Day

  • National Men Make Dinner Day

  • National Homemaker Day

  • National Cash Back Day

November 4

  • National Candy Day

  • National Chicken Lady Day

  • National Jersey Friday

November 5

  • World Tsunami Awareness Day

  • American Football Day

  • National Redhead Day

  • National Donut Day

November 6

  • National Nachos Day

  • Daylight Savings Time Ends

  • Saxophone Day

November 7

  • Job Action Day

  • National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day

  • Color The World Orange Day

  • National Bittersweet Chocolate and Almonds Day

November 8

  • National STEM/STEAM Day

  • National Cappuccino Day

  • National Parents as Teachers Day

November 9

  • World Freedom Day

  • Go to an Art Museum Day

  • National Scrapple Day

November 10

  • Marine Corps Birthday

  • National Forget Me Not Day

  • National Vanilla Cupcake Day

November 11

  • Veterans Day

  • National Metal Day

  • National Sundae Day

November 12

  • National Happy Hour Day

  • National Chicken Soup For The Soul Day

  • National French Dip Day

November 13

  • Sadie Hawkins Day

  • World Kindness Day

November 14

  • National Pickle Day

  • National Family PJ Day

  • National Seat Belt Day

November 15

  • America Recycles Day

  • National Entrepreneurs' Day

  • National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

  • National Philanthropy Day

November 16

  • National Button Day

  • National Fast Food Day

November 17

  • National Take A Hike Day

  • National Homemade Bread Day

  • National Rural Health Day

  • World Philosophy Day

  • World Pancreatic Cancer Day

November 18

  • National Princess Day

  • Substitute Educator Day

November 19

  • National Play Monopoly Day

  • National Camp Day

  • National Macchiato Day

  • International Men's Day

November 20

  • Future Teachers of America Day

  • National Absurdity Day

  • Universal Children's Day

November 21

  • National Red Mitten Day

  • World Television Day

  • National Stuffing Day

November 22

  • Go For A Ride Day

  • National Cranberry Relish Day

November 23

  • National Espresso Day

  • National Cashew Day

  • National Jukebox Day

November 24

  • Thanksgiving

  • National Day Of Mourning

November 25

  • Black Friday

  • National Play Day With Dad

  • American Indian Heritage Day

  • National Parfait Day

  • Buy Nothing Day

November 26

  • National Cake Day

  • Small Business Saturday

November 27

  • National Bavarian Cream Pie Day

  • National Craft Jerky Day

November 28

November 29

  • Electronic Greetings Day

  • Giving Tuesday

November 30

  • International Computer Security Day

  • National Mason Jar Day

  • National Personal Space Day

  • National Mousse Day

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Some Facts To Know About Some Of The November Holidays And Observances 2022

  1. Daylight Savings Time ends on November 6, 2022, and is when we move our clocks back one hour, which means it gets light earlier each morning and dark earlier each night.

  2. Movember is when men grow out their facial hair for the entire month of November to raise awareness for cancer.

  3. Sadie Hawkins Day occurs on November 13 and is an American folk event and pseudo-holiday originated by Al Capp's classic hillbilly comic strip Li'l Abner (1934–1978).

  4. American Indian Heritage Day (November 25) is when American Indians are given special honor with their cultures, accomplishments, contributions and heritage celebrated.

  5. Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11 because it was on this day at 11:00 am that World War I ended in 1918.

  6. The first Thanksgiving lasted for three days and was not proclaimed a holiday until 1777.

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