Natasha Bedingfield Gets Emotional About Her 2-Year-Old's Brain Surgery Pre-COVID-19

Amelia Edelman

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Undergoing surgery, for us adult humans, is scary and traumatizing enough. Watching our kids — especially the very little ones — get sick or injured and require one or more operations is possibly one of the most terrifying aspects of parenting. But as plenty of parent-kid teams who have been through it will tell you, kids will surprise you with their amazing strength and resilience. Singer Natasha Bedingfield and her 2.5-year-old son Solomon are one of those teams.

Bedingfield opened up to People this morning about her strange experience spending five weeks in the hospital — but not with COVID-19. “We have a unique experience because we were in the hospital just two months before COVID because Solo had a brain abscess and had to have some surgeries,” she told the publication. “He’s completely recovered now, but we spent a whole five weeks in a tiny little hospital room wearing masks, so we kind of got a head start on what everyone’s going through.”

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“Feeling gutted but also thank God that we live in a time of MRI where we are able to see into our own minds and for doctors who are wise enough to keep asking questions,” Bedingfield wrote on Instagram while her son was in the hospital. “He has an area of infection that somehow found its way into the brain. We are so grateful though that there is treatment for what Solo is experiencing and it is straight forward and has worked many times.”

And work it did, because Bedingfield and Solomon are back at home, along with papa Matt Robinson.

“It’s actually quite nice to be at home as a family, with our son really healthy,” Bedingfield told People. “Shout-out to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. We have such an appreciation for both medical health professionals and the length that they go to help people be healthy. For us, they actually literally saved our son’s life… I’m just really enjoying my son and even if he’s difficult and going through the ‘terrible twos’ and stuff, I’m just grateful for it because of what I’ve just been through. I just keep reminding myself if it gets frustrating, I’m glad to be feeling frustrated, glad for the luxury of that.”

Bedingfield has even managed to release a new song, “Together in This,” out today. Because this is one fam that has shown they truly are together in this crazy year/season/life.

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