Natalie Portman's Legs Are 🔥 x100 Wearing V Short Shorts In These Photos

natalie portman legs shorts suit
Natalie Portman Has 🔥 Legs In Shorts PicsEmma McIntyre - Getty Images
  • Natalie Portman showed up at the premiere for her documentary, Angel City, wearing a shorts suit that put her toned legs on full display.

  • When it comes to working out, Natalie is no stranger to incorporating new, intense routines for acting roles.

  • Natalie worked on her arm strength for Thor, but she also loves long runs and yoga.

Little-known fact: Natalie Portman isn’t just an Oscar-winning actress—she’s also co-founder of the women's soccer club, Angel City. Well, Natalie just filmed a documentary about her club and, naturally, she’s out there promoting it.

The 41-year-old just hit up the premiere of Angel City in the coolest shorts suit that showed off her mega-strong legs, with a hint of abs peeking out.

The documentary, which is running on HBO, explores how Natalie—and a ton of other celebrities—became co-owners of the club, which aims to create equality for women in soccer and elevate the sport.

Here's a look at Natalie's iconic look in case you missed her appearance:

celebrity sightings in los angeles may 4, 2023
Natalie arrives at the premiere of Angel City.jfizzy/Star Max - Getty Images

Apparently the love of soccer runs deep in her family. Natalie recently told People that her son is a “ferocious soccer player,” so she’s “going back and forth to practice” a lot. She added, “I'm definitely a soccer mom.”

Natalie is pretty private about her personal life—her Instagram posts are largely about books she’s reading, work projects, and Angel City—but she’s dropped a few tidbits about what she does for fitness over the years.

For starters, Natalie got seriously jacked to play Jane Foster in Thor: Love and Thunder, and she told Vanity Fair that she did a lot of intense weight training with trainer Naomi Pendergast before shooting started. (She also kept it up during filming.)

"We did a lot of weight training and a lot of protein shakes—heavyweight training that I haven’t ever done before," she shared. "Of course, I’ve never really aimed to get bulky. It was very physical, so it was a lot of both agility work and also strength work."

Those workouts included arm, back, chest exercises, boxing, jumping rope, and running, Pendergast told Variety. “The other two days were dedicated to injury prevention work, which included Pilates-based exercises, stretching, release work, and balance exercises,” she added.

Natalie doesn’t ~just~ pump iron at the gym. She’s also big into going for long runs, along with yoga, she previously told Women’s Health UK. Running “feels a little like meditation to me,” she shared.

As for yoga, she said she used to focus on her Ashtanga practice, “but now I’ll just get there and I’ll try anything—whatever class is [on] at the right time.”

But, despite dialing it in for all that hard work before filming, Natalie joked on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon that she’s not always motivated to exercise. "I’m, like, super tired after working out. And during. And dreading before," she said.

On the food front, Natalie is a vegan, and she stopped eating animal products after reading a book called Eating Animals. “I was so changed by it,” she told WH. “My whole outlook shifted.”

Angel City debuts on May 16, with more episodes released over the coming days.

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