The Nash Villas is the perfect girls trip destination in Nashville

Complete with Dolly Parton themed decor and complimentary cowboy hats this getaway to music city has everything

Video Transcript

- Welcome to Nashville, Tennessee. And you are at the Nash Villas Airbnb. Come on in.


We are a bachelorette-themed Airbnb located in downtown Nashville, nestled in between Germantown and downtown. We have a Dolly Parton and a Disco Cowgirl themed Airbnb. They're next door to each other, so you can either book one and sleep 6 in 3 king beds, or book both and sleep 12 in 6 king beds.

So welcome to the Disco Cowgirl. As soon as you walk in, you're greeted by the champagne wall. We provide a bottle of champagne to all of our guests, because after a long day's travel to Nashville, you're going to want to start with a drink.

Let me show you the living room. Come on in. We've got great cowgirl-themed decor, and fun flair, cute cow print chairs, and a 65-inch TV with all the streaming channels.

This is one of the special features we love, because it's so unique. Not only is this a couch, it's also a king size bed.

Bachelorette parties love a good photo op, so I love this backdrop. Who wouldn't want to sleep under this neon sign?

We provide a fully stocked kitchen. You've got your cocktail shakers. You've got a blender to mix drinks. The picture window in the kitchen is perfect for entertaining.

When you're in here making drinks for your friends, you're still not missing out on the conversation and all the fun. We provide games and fun things to keep you entertained-- bride straws, babe straws. But my absolute favorite-- the cham bong. You fill it up with champagne and shoot it.

When sleeping 6 in downtown Nashville in a condo, you have to have a place for all the girls to get their makeup done. We provide a makeup station with lighted makeup mirrors. The makeup station also makes for a really great photo op itself. Everybody wants to be sitting pretty in Music City.

Comfortably sleeping 6 was really important to us. I personally only like to sleep in king sized beds, so we found the king over king bunk bed. And it works perfectly for the space.

The beds are really comfortable. We got the best memory foam beds that we could possibly find, but also gotta love that decor. To go along with that disco cowgirl theme, we provide six cowboy hats for you to wear down on Broadway.

This is the Dolly Parton themed Nash Villa. Come on in.

This is probably our number-one selling feature. Everybody loves the Nashville Looks Good on You neon sign as well. You sit in the hanging chair, and you can take the perfect Instagram photo.

We've got this couch, Murphy bed combo. But my favorite part here is what's hidden behind the Murphy bed.

Here we are in the bedroom. Check out these king over king bunk beds-- the perfect way to have a sleepover with your girlfriends. But the other really cool thing about a sleepover is makeup.

I visited Dollywood this year, and I got to go on Dolly Parton's old tour bus. And my favorite part of the tour bus was her vanity with the lit-up makeup mirrors. I had to do the same thing.

When you're in the Dolly Villa, there's no mistaking that you're in the Dolly Villa. Check out this adorable wallpaper. I love how bright it is, and I'm pretty sure that Dolly herself would love to stay here.

So the Dolly theme doesn't just stop at wallpaper. When you head into the shower, the shower curtain is Dolly themed as well.

Thank you for checking out the Nash Villas, is the most unique bachelorette experience in Nashville.