NASA, a Libra, reveals there are more than 12 zodiac signs

Horoscope devotees have beenrocked by a NASA report statingthat there are up to 21 zodiacalconstellations total — not just the 12.A post about a 13th zodiac sign, Ophiuchus, waspublished by NASA in January 2016, but now it’ssuggested that we’re ignoring many, many more.The concept of zodiac signs originatesfrom the Babylonians 3,000 years ago, in anattempt to better understand the planet.NASA speculates based on stories that thegroup split the sky up into 12 sections tomimic the 12 seasons, even though they werefully aware of the existence of Ophiuchus.The post itself debunks astrology right offthe bat and explained that Babylonians onlypicked 12 signs out of convenience.Writer Phil Plait wrote a frustrated articlein response to the initial backlash to the2016 NASA post, saying that NASA reallyhasn’t discovered anything new.“The article — well worth your time to read— talks about how the zodiac constellationsare defined, and how, over time, they’ve changed,”Plait wrote in a 2016 New Scientist article.“Apparently, someone didn’t read it verycarefully, or didn’t understand it, and wrote thatNASA had changed the zodiac. So, yeah. Wow”.So for now, everyone can relax. Exceptfor Scorpios and Geminis, who unfortunatelyare still Scorpios and Geminis

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