Napping Bear Hilariously Traps Alaska Pilot in His Small Plane

Despite our tendency to view bears as cute and cuddly, we must not forget that they are wild animals and can pose a serious threat. As the saying goes, "It's their world and we're just living in it" - a fact recently highlighted by TikTok user @ube_softserve's viral video.

This clip, which brought in over 1 million views, shares just one example of how bears can cause delays. In the video, a pilot in Alaska is forced to wait inside a small plane because of a bear. This is what the TikToker likes to call a "bear jam". Take a look!

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O.M.G. Napping bears...are you serious?! How are we supposed to believe these fur giants are dangerous when they look so cute napping? LOL! And to be fair, no one likes to get woken up from a nap so it doesn't surprise us no one wants to disturb a napping bear.

"A bear jam?! That's awesome," commented @whooothis. HA! A bear jam is the perfect saying. No one's going to question you being late when you mention the bear jam. @calathearoseoptica added, "Love this and how well the bears are respected! Would love to visit one day!" SAME! We love how this TikToker reminded us all that we're just visitors to the area. We must respect all spaces where wildlife lives.

Another TikToker, @softtofuperson, is asking all the important questions. It reads, "Ok, but I need to know how long bear naps are?! When I nap I am conked out for at least an hour!" An hour at the minimum. LOL! The creator responded by saying, "They usually move after like 20 minutes because another bear is coming." 20 minutes is nothing. That's a power nap to us!

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