#MyHomeMyStyle: 'From a small village in Jharkhand to big city life in Mumbai'

I grew up in a very small village in Dhanbad district in Jharkhand, in a very small house.

What I inherited from my mother is to make a house into a home, where my family and I would want to return to as soon as possible. I didn’t have those qualities of my mother earlier on, as I was always like a tomboy, and liked to stay outdoors.

Little did I know that over the years, my mum’s wonderful quality will chase me down. I stepped into Mumbai 13 years ago with only a small suitcase with few clothes and not a roof to call my own. But today, I am grateful to my God for all He has given me — A well-lit airy home, lots of green, simple furniture, but most of all, a family of my own, to love and cherish.

(Angela Greene is a single mother and social worker who lives in Mumbai with her two children)

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