If You Must DIY, These are the Best Blackhead Removers to Try

Elizabeth Denton
·1 min read

Out of all the skin concerns, blackheads are one of the most confusing and tough to get rid of. And people with all skin types can deal with blackheads, not just oily and acne-prone. The best blackhead remover can help you extract those pesky things but it’s important to understand exactly what they are first. Did you know they aren’t actually pimples? People talk about blackheads hand-in-hand with whiteheads but they’re not that alike. Here’s a quick rundown.

You’ve probably seen the best blackhead removers online and in beauty supply stores. They’re not vacuums. These are actually called comedone extractors. They’re small and generally affordable, with two loops on the ends. Comedone extractor are...

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