From Music to Merch, Find Out All About Jessica Simpson's Net Worth

Is she a bona fide billionaire just yet

Jessica Simpson has been a lot of things: A pop sensation, reality TV icon, movie star, producer, clothing designer—but above all else, one thing that's been constant throughout her career is that she's a shrewd businesswoman.

Simpson knows that her moneymaking superpowers aren't about her beauty, her voice, or any tangible skill so much as her ability to come across as an aspirational everywoman.

"I think letting me be myself is probably the wisest decision," she once told CBS News, "even though I cringe at it sometimes." (She was probably referring to the opinions she once shared on her reality hit Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, with punchlines very much at her expense.)

The mom of three has worn many hats since becoming famous as a teen, but despite being a singer, actress and overall mogul, she says the title she prefers most is "friend." (Aww!)

Fair enough. Get to know the woman who would be your richest friend if you met in real life: Here's Jessica Simpson's net worth and how she earned it!

How did Jessica Simpson become famous?

Simpson got her start as a pop star.

The daughter of a pastor, she began singing with local church choirs and was signed to the Christian label Proclaim Records (after auditioning with Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You"). She was due to go on tour to promote her first Christian album, but her father, Joe Simpson, alleged to Vanity Fair that the label deemed her too busty (and thereby "too sexual") for Christian music audiences, and the plans were scrapped.

What would have been her debut album Jessica for Proclaim Records was canned, but because she still had the recordings, she and Joe, who acted as her manager, shopped it around to different labels. Tommy Mottola, then-husband and manager of one Mariah Carey, signed her to Columbia Records. As Mottola has recalled to Vanity Fair, "She had a great little look and a great attitude, a fresh new face, and something a bit different than Britney [Spears] and all of them; she could actually sing." The plan was to market Simpson as a less sexualized alternative to Spears and Christina Aguilera—she'd sing and keep her signature blonde hair, but she wouldn't dance.

Simpson released her actual debut album Sweet Kisses in November 1999, but it was slow to sell. Buoyed by hits "I Wanna Love You Forever," "I Think I'm In Love With You" (which sampled John Cougar Mellencamp's "Jack & Diane"), and her duet with her then-future husband Nick Lachey called "Where You Are," Sweet Kisses eventually sold 4 million copies worldwide—despite only peaking at No. 51 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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What is Jessica Simpson's net worth in 2023?

Simpson's estimated net worth as of 2021 is $200 million.

How did Jessica Simpson get rich?

While she became famous as a singer, Simpson expanded her empire into reality TV stardom with Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica and movie stardom, with roles in Dukes of Hazzard (2005) and Employee of the Month (2006), as well as straight-to-video films Blonde Ambition (2007) and Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous (2008). Simpson also judged Fashion Star in 2012 and served as an executive producer of Jessica Simpson: The Price of Beauty in 2010.

Though entertainment is where Simpson got her start, branding is where she truly made her mark.

One of her first partnerships was an edible beauty line called Dessert, which reportedly sold at least $1 million in products before ceasing production amid a lawsuit in 2006. Dessert was just the beginning, as Simpson went on to become the face of numerous brands.

She did a Super Bowl ad for Pizza Hut set to a reworked version of her cover of "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" from Dukes of Hazzard.

Simpson advertised ProActiv skincare for a reported $2.5 million, though she slipped up and confessed that prescription drug Accutane is actually what cleared her acne.

She endorsed DirecTV in a commercial in 2006.

Simpson reportedly pocketed a cool $3 million to $4 million to endorse Weight Watchers.

Her other brand sponsorships include Budget Rent-a-Car, Zales Jewelry and HAIRuWEAR extensions.

Simpson's biggest moneymaker, however, is her eponymous clothing, accessories, and fragrance line, which reportedly earns her a whopping $30 million annually.

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How much did Jessica Simpson make on her book?

While her paycheck for her book sales isn't publicly known, Simpson likely made a nice sum from Open Book, released in early 2020. The Wall Street Journal reported that within the first 14 weeks of the memoir's release, it sold 500,000 copies.

Simpson's book detailed not just her rise to fame and her high-profile relationships with Lachey, John Mayer and Tony Romo, but also dark secrets from her past that no one previously knew about, including sexual abuse she suffered as a child and her private battle with alcoholism. She told Parade that she wrote the book as a means of healing, as well as a means of helping others to do the same.

"I genuinely wrote the book hoping it could help someone out there going through a hard time," she said. "The people who have reached out, come to see me on tour and even pulled me over to talk in the airport have been so inspiring."

She added,  "For the book, I went through the journals I had been keeping since I was a teenager. The intimate process of getting to know that young girl really helped me heal in a way I never thought possible," she added. "I know my commitment in this book will also hold me accountable to be that best version of myself as much as I can be."

How much did Jessica Simpson get paid for Dukes of Hazzard?

Simpson's payday for starring as Daisy Duke in the Dukes of Hazzard feature film is estimated to be in the $4 million range. Simpson and her image were used extensively to promote the picture, in which she co-starred with Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott. Simpson later revealed that wearing the iconic short shorts in the movie and its promotion (including her music video for "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'") severely harmed her body image moving forward.

Daisy Duke "created a gold standard Jessica, the 'before' for every 'is she fat or is she thin' story for the rest of my career," she wrote in Open Book. She told PEOPLE that she was naive to the harsh criticisms she'd face for her body when she signed her record deal at 17 years old.

"I thought it was about my voice. I didn't know that it was going to end up being about how I looked in a dress. It's heartbreaking and I mean, I punished myself for it. I took diet pills. I heard it and I couldn't not hear it in the back of my mind every time I was on stage, every time I walked out the door," she said. "It is not easy, it hurts, and still, I feel like we all look in the mirror and are not 100% all the time. I mean, we all see our flaws. Some, the others don't see. And mine were just out there for the world to rip apart when they weren't even flaws—when they were made into flaws that I didn't know I had."

How much is The Jessica Simpson Collection worth?

Simpson's clothing, shoes, accessories, fragrance and lifestyle brand has been valued at $1 billion. In 2015, Simpson and her mom, Tina, sold their majority stake in the brand to Sequential Brands Group, maintaining a 37.5 percent stake. In late 2021, the Simpsons purchased back their shares to completely own the line.

Simpson said in a statement, "I am humbled to reclaim 100% of my brand and my name. I am so proud of the work we have done in building a complete lifestyle brand that is fashion-forward and relatable to all kinds of women. It is my honor to partner with the greatest leader, my mom, for this next phase that will see us continuing to bring our customers a quality product at an affordable price point."

Tina previously told Footwear News, "For all of our hard-working, talented, amazing licensing partners, to know Jessica is at the helm gives them strength and belief in the future. And for Jessica to regain control of her namesake brand, it allows her and I, alongside our amazing team, licensing and retail partners to build the legacy brand to carry on to her children and family."

Simpson previously revealed that the body-shaming she faced throughout her career is part of what made her want to design clothes and shoes for every woman.

"It's very important for me to let every woman feel included," she told CBS News. "If I make a shirt, I'm going to make sure that every size is available. Because I have been every size, trust me!" She added of the collection's success, "People are shocked that they like my brand. Maybe 'cause it's not that expensive? Or maybe because I was a cheesy pop star back in the day? I have no idea. But you're gonna like my shoes, damn it!"

How much does Jessica Simpson make a year?

Simpson's annual income varies depending on her schedule and itinerary; when she was focused on music, TV, and film, her income was less consistent. Now that she's laser-focused on her lifestyle brand almost exclusively, she makes about $30 million annually.

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Was Jessica Simpson ever a billionaire?

Simpson the person has never been a billionaire, but her Jessica Simpson clothing and accessories brand has been valued at $1 billion.

Did Jessica Simpson ever work for Disney?

Simpson tried out for the Mickey Mouse Club in 1992. She won a Dallas talent search for the show, singing "Amazing Grace" and dancing to Vanilla Ice's then-ubiquitous "Ice Ice Baby." Simpson went on to become a semi-finalist and audition alongside Justin TimberlakeBritney Spears and Christina Aguilera—but Aguilera's vocals made Simpson so intimidated that she believes she choked during her audition because of it.

"She sounded like Mariah Carey," Simpson told Vanity Fair. "I ended up drawing a blank, and obviously you can't do that on TV. But I was coming from the church choir with a Polaroid. I didn't come with headshots. I didn’t do Off-Broadway. I wasn't on Star Search. I wasn't doing all the things these other kids were doing. I was a preacher's daughter with a Polaroid."

How much did Jessica Simpson make from her music?

Simpson likely made a small fortune from her music, as she has several platinum- and gold-certified albums:

  • Sweet Kisses (1999) sold 4 million copies worldwide.

  • Irresistible (2001) moved 2 million units globally.

  • In This Skin (2003) was Simpson's biggest-selling album, selling 5 million copies worldwide.

  • ReJoyce: The Christmas Album (2003) was certified gold and sold 669,000 copies.

  • A Public Affair (2006) was certified platinum, selling 1 million copies globally.

Her subsequent albums sold at drastically lower amounts: Do You Know (2008), her pivot to country music, sold just 178,000 copies, and her second holiday album, Happy Christmas (2010), only moved 28,000 units.

What was Jessica Simpson's biggest hit?

Simpson's biggest hit to date was "I Wanna Love You Forever" from her debut album Sweet Kisses in 1999. It peaked at No. 3 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and sold over 1 million copies in the United States, with a total of about 1.3 million copies sold worldwide.

What was Jessica Simpson's first hit?

Simpson's first hit was "I Wanna Love You Forever" from her debut album Sweet Kisses. It was released on Aug. 30, 1999.

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How many seasons of Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica are there?

There were three seasons of Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, which aired on MTV from August 2003 to March 2005 and chronicled the early days of the couple's marriage and Simpson's recording of her third album, In This Skin. The series had 41 episodes and featured viral moments like Simpson contemplating whether Chicken of the Sea tuna was chicken or fish. She's since poked fun at herself over the mishap.

Simpson and Lachey filed for divorce in late 2005, and Simpson later revealed in her memoir, Open Book, that producers staged almost everything on the "reality" series and typecast her in the role of the ditzy blonde. She told Buzzfeed News, "We just kind of had fun with it until the end, until we started having marital problems, and I just can't lie to people. I felt like I was being a phony, and I didn't want to continue on with that. It wasn't real anymore. It wasn't reality. It wasn't who we were. There was lots of eye-rolling, and that was real stuff."

However, she did note that she didn't think the show as a whole necessarily hindered her marriage. She admitted in Vanity Fair in 2009, "In all honesty, I believe it did not affect our marriage, because we enjoyed watching those episodes, and that will always be a time I cherish. It made me understand what marriage is, what love is, what commitment is."

How much did Jessica Simpson pay Nick Lachey?

When Lachey and Simpson first tied the knot, he was the breadwinner thanks to his success with the boy band 98 Degrees. The couple didn't have a prenuptial agreement because Simpson had refused one when she and Lachey were engaged, truly believing that they were going to be together forever.

However, when they divorced, Simpson had far eclipsed him in fame and fortune: At the time, she was worth an estimated $35 million to his $5 million. She reportedly offered him a $1.2 million settlement, but he refused it, and rumors suggest he walked away with a cool $10 million from Simpson.

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