This mushroom-shaped hobbit house looks like it’s straight out of a storybook

Emerald Pellot

The Thatch House in Charlevoix, Mich. will make all your storybook dreams come true.

The vacation house looks like a giant mushroom from the outside, while its interior feels like its own cozy, shabby chic getaway. Architect Earl Young built the home in 1918. It was his first house and today it still uses his original stone walls. However, the estate was eventually remodeled to capture the spirit of what would later become Young’s signature “hobbit house” style.

Homeowner Michael Seitz gave In The Know a tour of the whimsical property. He explained the house gets its wavy roof (and name) from the material it’s made of called thatch.

“How does this thatch material — which is grass-like, it’s a reed — resist penetration of the rain?” Seitz said, pointing to the roof. “But essentially the rain comes in and just washes off.”

Once you step inside the home, you’ll notice its fire-treated wooden floors, stone walls, dual fireplaces and many cozy sofas to lounge on. Every countertop in Thatch House is made of reclaimed wood to give it an organic feel.

The coal-bunker-turned-media-room has modern couches and its big-screen projector contrasts nicely with the rustic walls. Meanwhile, upstairs in the grand master bedroom, there’s a stunning view of Lake Michigan and a bed accentuated by glowing tree stump side tables. Finally, the house’s master bathroom has reclaimed wood counters, a shower with a waterfall background and a big soaker tub.

“Just luxury but surrounded by nature and the old medieval designs,” Seitz told In The Know. “It makes you feel like you’re living a long time ago in the modern era.”

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