How muralist, Kathy Young-Beck, transformed an Oildale home into sidewalk art gallery

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — In this Oildale neighborhood, houses look, normal.

“Normal” was a look that a local contractor wasn’t settling for.

“We got this house here in Oildale. And I find Oildale like a really nice, peaceful place. You know, there’s like a lot of good people. So I figured, you know, make it a like another ‘hacienda.’ I love the… the Mexican culture a lot, you know? And I figured if I’m going to paint something, I want everybody to see it,” homeowner and local business owner, Jose Bravo, said.

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That’s why Bravo hired Kathy Young Beck — a Bakersfield artist with experience in painting landscapes. This fit just the vision the homeowner was hoping for.

Kathy Young-Beck, muralist, said, “He told me, have at it, do what you want. … Lots and lots of people drive by, you know, and slow down, roll down their windows and say, you know, love it, love it. I said, I always say keep watching because it changes, you know. But one woman drove by and she said, it makes me want to cry. I’m so happy. And I said, Well, good. I guess so, yeah.”

She painted beautiful artwork that resembles plants and animals that also call Bakersfield their home.

From succulents to owls, she slowly made the fence come to life!

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“To have something pop up in somebody’s neighborhood, people stop and say, wow. So yeah, he could have put it on the inside of his wall for his own enjoyment, for his own castle. But he chose to put it on the outside, and he’s going to continue to do it around this neighborhood I here. So I think I have some job security, hahaha!” Young-Beck said.

With inspiration from other artistic neighborhoods throughout the nation, Bravo hopes this is a catalyst for other neighbors to do something similar.

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