These Multifunctional Nude Eyeliners Conceal Blemishes & Perk up Tired Eyes

Mia Maguire
·1 min read

While often overlooked in jam-packed vanity drawers, neutral, nude, and flesh-hued eyeliners are the multitasking beauty products that low-maintenance makeup dreams are made of. Using a stark white liner can be a great way to enhance your eyes, making them look larger and giving your look a slightly modish feel, but it’s more of a look as opposed to a subtle, barely-noticeable beauty optical illusion.

Opting for a shade that’s a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone allows you to not only perk up tired peepers instant (all the while making them look bigger), but they also serve a wide variety of “off-label” purposes as well.

Given the skin-tone-hued shade, nude...

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