Ms. Rachel forgets how to hold adult conversations just like the rest of us

Ms. Rachel and Elyse Myers in viral video

If you’re familiar with Ms. Rachel, then you already know moms love her just as much as little kids do—for so many reasons. One of them is that she’s actually extremely relatable, and knows how to adorably poke fun at herself.

In a video posted to her TikTok account, Ms. Rachel shows that she’s just like any other adult who spends 99% of their time around small children. In the video, she’s seen at a restaurant with popular social media creator Elyse Myers (another mom we love to love). While the two sit at the table with coffee and donuts, Ms. Rachel is pouring a sugar packet into her coffee. Normal stuff, right?

Except…she bursts into one of her most well-known “Songs for Littles.”

“Put it in, put it in, put it—” she looks at Elyse expectantly (and it’s hilarious.)

“In?” Elyse responds, looking around for any small children she may have missed in the restaurant because surely Ms. Rachel isn’t talking to her.

Except…she is.

Elyse assures Ms. Rachel that she can just be herself, because it’s only the two of them—adult women—out together.

“You’re right, I can just be myself. Yayyyyy!” she exclaims, clapping her hands.

It’s perfect for a few reasons. It’s funny, it’s cute, and it’s always fun to see two personalities you know and like interacting with one another. But mostly it’s perfect because while Ms. Rachel’s job is to entertain our children (and thank every higher being in existence for that alone), it’s not just a job for her. Ms. Rachel is being herself.

Now, does that mean she spends her free time clapping for her grown-up friends and family members while using her sing-song voice? No, probably not. What it means is that who she is in this video is who she is—happy, encouraging, supportive and warm.

In another video featuring Elyse Myers, Ms. Rachel helps teach her about boundaries—and it’s everything. (Can you tell Ms. Rachel is healing my inner child? Lol.)

Though yes, this is very much who she is, Ms. Rachel did once “break character” to deliver a very valuable, very welcome message to all the moms out there who watch her: Don’t feel guilty about putting your needs first sometimes.

“I realized following my passion helped fill up my bucket,” she said. “I also realized it’s good to shower.”

Yes yes yes yes yes. See? Ms. Rachel isn’t just for littles. She’s for bigs, too.

A version of this story was published in January 2023. It has been updated.