That 'Ms. Marvel' Episode 1 Post-Credits Scene, Explained

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Photo credit: Marvel Studios
Photo credit: Marvel Studios

The following story contains spoilers for Ms. Marvel Episode 1, "Generation Why."

Well that was fun, huh? The first episode of Ms. Marvel, titled "Generation Why" and introducing Iman Vellani as young Jersey City-based Kamala Khan, is an absolute blast. Marvel Studios' latest Disney+ 6-part limited series is the fun, stylish, origin story of an Avengers superfan who happens to unlock her own superpowers, and we've got plenty of more of Kamala to come. The show feels like part Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, part Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and a complete breath of fresh air.

As if meeting the imaginative Kamala, her family, her friends, and her hometown of Jersey City wasn't enough, we also get to see her develop her set of powers throughout the course of the episode (which will of course be explored deeper as we get more into the series). After sneaking out of her house to visit the Comic Con-esque AvengerCon, Kamala unlocks energy-based powers within herself, saving her internet-popular classmate Zoe Zimmer in the process. But when her superheroic exploit gets caught on tape, it quickly goes viral. And anyone can see anything on the internet.

"Anyone," of course, can tend to include figures from shady government agencies. And that's exactly what we see in Ms. Marvel's Episode 1 credits scene. When a woman and man see the footage of Kamala's powers, the first instinct is to brush it off. But that quickly changes; these are powers they've never seen before. And, as the familiar male figure (more on him in a moment) says, they make a quick decision: "Bring her in." And we cut to black—see you next week.

The Ms. Marvel debut is a blast, and an origin story unlike any we've seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet. And if that first episode wasn't enough, we even got that post-credits scene teasing what's to come—so let's dive into it, shall we?

Who was in the Ms. Marvel Episode 1 credits scene?

Photo credit: Marvel Studios
Photo credit: Marvel Studios

If you're asking this question, that means you're one of the handful of people remaining on planet of earth who haven't seen Spider-Man: No Way Home. Or you just can't retain all the details thrown at us by the endless stream of superhero movies that have come in the last couple years. That's OK too.

Regardless: the Ms. Marvel Episode 1 credits scene is a fun one. In the scene, we see two Damage Control agents, including Agent P. Cleary (played by Succession legend Arian Moayed)—who we first met when he was giving Peter Parker a whole bunch of trouble in the first act of Spider-Man: No Way Home. He's joined in Ms. Marvel by Agent Sadie Deever (played by Orange is the New Black actress Alysia Renier)

What is Damage Control?

Damage Control—which has something of a longer history in the Marvel Comics—has also been around in the MCU for a little bit. It's technically called "Department of Damage Control," and was created as a joint venture between Stark Industries and the U.S. Government to clean up after the Battle of New York that occurred in The Avengers.

You may remember Damage Control from the opening scene of Spider-Man: Homecoming, when Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton) was leading his crew on a salvage job in the aftermath of the Battle of New York, only for a government agency run by Tony Stark—who, himself, was responsible for the destruction—to kill his contract and take away his job. This serves as the origin story that eventually led to Toomes becoming the Vulture, and giving him some pretty damn good motivation to become one of the MCU's greatest villains.

The next time we saw Damage Control was in Spider-Man: No Way Home, when Agent P. Cleary was basically interrogating Peter Parker and everyone close to him in an attempt to get him to crack after J. Jonah Jameson (JK Simmons) revealed his identity and led many people to believe that he murdered Mysterio (Jake Gylleenhaal). This gets settled in the movie pretty early on, but it's clear that these guys aren't exactly the straightest of shooters—they're going to try to twist people in pretzels to get the answers they want.

And in Ms. Marvel, we can certainly expect to see some more of that.

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