Movie theater usher films 'nightmare' items they find while cleaning: ‘I will never understand why people are like that’

A woman on TikTok shared the strange items movie patrons left after a screening of Sing 2.

The Tiktoker, Rachael (@simplyrachaelstudios) identified herself as a movie theater user and captioned the clip, “Things I find while ushering,” and hashtagged #movietheateremployee. It’s not clear which movie theater she works at.

As of this writing, her video has over 6.7 million views.

Some of the things Rachael found included a ton of spilled popcorn, a hat, someone’s wallet, various amounts of cash, piles of sunflower seeds and even a pair of AirPods.

She added that the theater sold 194 tickets for the screening and it took her and two coworkers 45 minutes and six 50-gallon bags to clean the theaters fully.

“And it was not like clean clean,” she added. “It was like, we had to leave when the movie started.”

While Rachael seemed visibly frustrated by the trash left in the theater, viewers were stunned by the number of things people had left behind.

“I will never understand why people are like that with popcorn and their trash,” one person said.

“I understand a little [spilled] popcorn but SPITTING YOUR SUNFLOWER SEEDS ON THE FLOOR!?” someone added in shock.

Kid[s’] movies are always a nightmare to clean,” another commenter wrote. “[That’s] the only thing I don’t miss from working at the movies.”

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