Would You Move Into a Luxury RV?

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Luxury RVs have gotten only more popular for vacation travel and full-time living since the pandemic thanks to their, well, luxurious feel. They look like regular RVs on the outside but couldn't be more different inside. (Picture a pop star's tour bus, not a rock climber's camper van.) But because luxury RVs are the same standard sizes as their commoner cousins, they can park in all the same places; you'll just be way more comfortable there. That mobility gives these high-end recreational vehicles an advantage over even the prettiest hotels.

Whether you're planning to hit the road to see some of the most beautiful places in the U.S. (be it a small town or a castle) or just want to upgrade your camping setup, a luxury RV could be exactly what you need. Ahead, we outline exactly what a luxury RV is as well as what one of the fancy mobile homes costs.

this image is a 40 luxury bus motor home interior view looking from the front to rear

What Is a Luxury RV?

A luxury RV is a literal high-end home on wheels rather than a vehicle that offers only some of the comforts you're used to. An RV is already a significant upgrade over car camping or road-tripping in a cramped seat, but a luxury RV takes that comfort level and rockets it skyward. A luxury RV isn't defined by the type of vehicle but rather by what's inside. That means everything from a travel trailer to a toy hauler to a mobile home can be considered a luxury RV. Even some off-roading recreational vehicles can fall into the luxury category due to their premium materials and safety features like shock absorption and higher suspension.

luxury rv mobile home
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Common characteristics of a luxury RV include spacious floor plans, pro-quality residential appliances (we're talking a full chef's kitchen in some of the larger models), plush furniture, and high-end materials and finishes (imagine a yacht's hardware and cabinetry). Many also feature built-in speaker systems, mobile Wi-Fi hookups, and smart appliance capabilities. And while the plumbing across all RVs is mostly the same, luxury RVs feature more spacious showers and residential-use toilets and fixtures. Some even feature roof decks, fish tanks, and underbelly storage space for extra-long-haul journeys.

luxury rv mobile home interiors
Courtesy of Marchi Mobile

How Much Does a Luxury RV Cost?

According to Hemlock Hill RV, a Connecticut-based retailer, the low end of luxury RV pricing starts at around $40,000. However, because of the wide variety of sizes and amenities, luxury RVs can cost upward of $1.5 million. A Class A RV—the most common self-driving recreational vehicle—costs on average around $250,000. While buyers of the vehicles are split between those who use them as part-time residences, like a vacation home, and those who pack up permanently to travel the country, it's safe to say that luxury RVs are an investment akin to buying a freestanding house.

luxury rv interior
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Where Can Luxury RVs Camp?

Because their sizes and capabilities are not all that different than those of a standard RV (remember, it's what's on the inside that counts), a luxury RV can camp almost anywhere other recreational vehicles can. Many RV parks, national parks, campsites, and even off-the-grid locations can accommodate the vehicles, but it's best to check your destination's parameters and specifics before you make a plan to visit.

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