Mouth-watering pretzel upgrades you have to try ASAP

If you’re a fan of the classic twisted treat, here are 5 recipes that take pretzels to the next level. 1. Buffalo chicken cheesesteak soft pretzel. This sinful sandwich puts chicken smothered in Buffalo sauce and melted mozzarella cheese inside a sliced soft pretzel used as a sandwich bun. 2. Pretzel wrapped hot dogs. This recipe is a two-in-one upgrade because it levels up pretzels and hot dogs!. 3. Chocolate peppermint pretzel. This chocolate peppermint pretzel may feel most appropriate for the holidays, but it’ll satisfy all year long. 4. Cinnamon sugar pretzel bites. Another sweet pretzel recipe that’s sure to be a crowd pleaser, this recipe adds brown sugar to the pretzel dough to give it some sweetness. 5. Jalapeño cheese stuffed pretzels. The filmer seals cubes of pepper jack cheese inside the pretzel dough before boiling and baking them. The final product is a pretzel with just enough spice