Mourners Can No Longer Leave Marmalade Sandwiches For The Queen

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Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

As people across the United Kingdom continue to mourn the passing of Queen Elizabeth, some mourners have taken it upon themselves to leave small mementos in addition to flowers at London's Green Park. The park, which is just outside of Buckingham Palace, has become a dedicated area where people can leave items to pay their respect.

The tributes make for a stunning display, but Yahoo! News UK reports that there is one item in particular that the Royal Parks organization prefer people not leave, and that is marmalade sandwiches.

Visitors have left marmalade sandwiches and Paddington Bear stuffed animals at Green Park to memorialize a special moment Queen Elizabeth shared with the fictional character. In a sketch that was produced for this year's Platinum Jubilee, Queen Elizabeth and Paddington bonded over their mutual love of marmalade sandwiches.

"Unfortunately, it turns out that the sandwiches have a negative impact on the inhabitants of the park," the Royal Parks shared with Yahoo! News UK. “We are asking people not to leave marmalade sandwiches because of the negative impact on the park’s wildlife... Our priority at the moment is to manage the huge volume of flowers and tributes that are being left in the Green Park floral tribute garden."

Although the Paddington Bear stuffed animals aren't as detrimental as the marmalade sandwiches, the Royal Parks would prefer that mourners refrain from leaving them at the site as well.

"We will carefully store any teddies and artefacts that have been left and will work closely with our partners, including Buckingham Palace, to agree what we do with them over the next few months with discretion and sensitivity,” said the organization.

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