Mountain Dew’s New Southern Shock Has a Blast of Tropical Punch Flavor

Photo credit: Instagram @collectingsoda; Reddit u/death_metal_waffle
Photo credit: Instagram @collectingsoda; Reddit u/death_metal_waffle

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Mountain Dew already comes in a range of flavors, but they haven’t run out of new ones yet. The latest one to join those flavors is Southern Shock, and it’s just the soda to keep our taste buds happy all summer long.

PepsiCo describes the new Mountain Dew Southern Shock as “a blast of tropical punch flavored Mountain Dew.” The bright soda is a red/orange color, so it’s definitely appropriate for the season. You can won’t find this sip in bottles or cans, because it’s only a fountain drink right now.

“The flavor is almost like a mix of Code Red, Goji [Citrus Strawberry], and Sweet Lightning all in one. Definitely some sort of fruit punch flavor. I love it, 9/10,” one Reddit user noted about Southern Shock.

You might have to drive a bit to get your hands on the Mountain Dew Southern Shock, because it’s exclusively available at Bojangles, a fast-food spot that specializes in Cajun-seasoned fried chicken. It’s a regional chain with locations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and West Virginia. Sorry, West Coast.

It’s not clear if Southern Shock is a permanent offering at Bojangles or if it’ll only be around for a limited time. But if it’s any good, we’re going to be bugging PepsiCo to bottle it up and put it in stores.

It’s not often that Mountain Dew creates a special flavor in collaboration with a restaurant. Last year, the brand partnered with KFC to unveil Sweet Lightning, a soda with a punch of peach and a touch of honey. Consider yourself lucky if you live near a Bojangles, because we have a feeling that a lot of people are jealous right now.

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