Motorcycle Apparel Brand Saint Adds Budget-Friendly Denim

Motorcycle apparel brand Saint is making protective denim more accessible at an entry level price point.

Known for what it bills as the “world’s strongest single-layer denim,” the Australian brand introduced Engineered, a value range of jeans for men and women that it says is 120 percent stronger than regular denim. The collection has a CE AA rating meaning riders are well protected, the brand stated.

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Made with cotton and nylon, the jeans retail for $199. In comparison, Saint’s Unbreakable collection made with 25 percent Dyneema are priced at $299-$429.

Taking a more traditional approach to safety than jeans with built-in airbags, Saint’s Engineered jeans have built-in hip and knee armor providing high-grade abrasion and tear protection, a reflective cuff for improved visibility among other motorists, and engineered stretch for all-day comfort.

The collection includes men’s slim and straight fits and a women’s straight fit.

The launch aligns with Saint’s efforts to “reengage” the North American market following a pause during the pandemic. The company said it has a Utah warehouse filled with inventory.

“We’re thankful to have refocused our business after challenges from the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Aidan Clarke, Saint Moto CEO.

On top of an expanded motorcycle denim offering, Saint has launched a range of base-layer compression products that were developed in medical grade hosiery factories. The line includes arm sleeves that can reduce forearm pump and grip issues and compression socks that improve circulation and minimize swelling.

The brand plans to continue expanding its men’s and women’s apparel offerings this year and will soon have several different cuts and colors available.

“We’ve doubled down on our moto range offering and have expanded from just a handful of moto jean styles, to now offering several CE-rated jackets that look like fashion, but heavily protect the rider if things go random,” Clarke said. “We don’t want style choices to compromise protection, and our Saint garments allow riders to look smart without giving up safety.”

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