Mother-Daughter Duo Diane Ladd and Laura Dern Share Exactly What To Do To Stay Healthy Over the Holidays

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Diane Ladd and Laura Dern



When it comes to mother-daughter duos, it doesn't get much cuter than Diane Ladd and Laura Dern. While Dern, 56, is known for her show-stopping performances in shows like Big Little Lies and movies like Jurassic Park and, more recently, Little Women, Ladd, 88, has quite a resume herself. The actress took home the Golden Globe for the Alice TV series, which aired in the '70s and '80s, and Stephen King's Animal Kingdom. She's also well-known for her performance in Enlightened, which she co-starred in with Dern. 

So, what do these two powerhouses do to keep their mental and physical health in tip-top shape during the hectic holiday season? Both of them are all about the known immune-boosting benefit of spending time with loved ones.  

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"We watch movies and laugh and share stories and enjoy time with loved ones. We also try to sleep, eat well and take care of each other," Dern told Parade. 

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Ladd agrees with this and has a few other tips as well. "Make sure to giggle, hug and get your presents wrapped early so you have time to enjoy Christmas and give some of what you have to those who have less than you," she says. "Worry about the people who [are] pretending they're okay, who may not have money to buy milk for their babies. Look around you. Look around you at people in need. It's been a rough three years for humanity, and we need to really understand each other and be kind and look around and help. Just love and keep charity in your heart at Christmas."

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As for what's ahead for these two, they're excited about what 2024 will bring—and Ladd, for one, has an "out with the old, in with the new" tradition that she's looking forward to. "I'm gonna write down the old and put it in an ashtray and I'm going to burn it," Ladd says. "Then I'm gonna say a prayer over what I want to try to accomplish in myself and for others. I wish for everybody fulfillment of destiny in this lifetime with joy and love for their highest good."

Dern admits that it's hard to top that plan, but says she has plans to be a better listener and be kinder and more connected. And of course, as actors, they have professional goals as well. "We want to make movies to encourage ourselves and others to be kinder and more connected and understand each other better," Dern says. "So it's all the same goal."

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Reporting by Alexandra Hurtado. 

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