Most Vegetarians Lapse Within a Year


Photo: Paul Poplis/StockFood

new report by the Humane Research Council reveals that an astounding 84 percent of vegetarians and vegans ultimately go back to their meat-eating ways, most within a year. Nearly a third don’t even last three months.

The analysis, which took into account responses from about 11,000 Americans, reveals that approximately 10 percent of all people nationwide are former vegetarians or vegans. Only two percent currently adhere to the diet.

April Bloomfield’s forthcoming cookbook, A Girl and Her Greens. Photo: Ecco

But it’s not all bad news for the meat-free community. In 2011, Time noted that many former veggie-only folk morph into “ethical omnivores,” meaning people who eat meat they deem ethical or sustainable. It makes sense, considering the abundance of labels like “organic,” “free-range,” “cruelty-free,” and “natural” in recent years.

Bell pepper and fennel–flavored tofu at Dirt Candy. Photo: dirtcandynyc/Instagram

And despite the study’s findings, vegetarian dining is having a moment in culinary circles. Amanda Cohen’s vegetable-centric restaurant Dirt Candy in New York City could barely keep up with demand; the establishment is shuttered while Cohen readies to move it to a larger space in the new year. Jean-Georges Vongerichten recently announced that his ninth restaurant in Manhattan would feature an all-vegetarian menu. And even lady butcher extraordinaire April Bloomfield is releasing a veggie-centric cookbook next year.

Vegetables are definitely “in” as far as the food world is concerned.

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